Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Appendix adventure

Right, so this has been a lenghtly saga, all leading up to me returning back to the uk slightly sooner than planned and in less than perfect circumstances.

About a month ago I started having pains in the lower right hand side of my stomach. I assumed for a while that I had screwed up with an insulin injection and popped it into my gut or something. I went on riding for about a week and then, after a 110 mile hard ride I wasn’t even hungry. Now normally I can put away some pretty serious amounts of nosh so this wasn’t normal, especially after 5 hours of riding. I went to the docs at UCSD and they did a blood test, I called up to get the results and was told to make an appt in a month, while I was explaining to the receptionist that his wasn’t gonna cut it I got a call. Being angry I hung up on the receptionist and picked up the call, it was the doctor. I had to rush straight to casualty. Where I proceeded to lie on a trolley for 4 hours, next to someone with swine flu.

In a couple of days I was able to see a doctor, I hadn’t really eaten for about 40 plus hours by this point but they’d been dosing me up on morphine so I was beyond caring. They did a scan and confirmed that about a week ago my appendix had burst and I’d been putting up with it like a trooper. The pain was pretty bad and one of my friends recommended phenegrin; phenegrin is, without doubt the most awesome painkiller going. As the doctor injected it he asked me my name, I was good with that. Then he asked me my birthday, I knew what to say but my mouth wasn’t having any crap, I took my hands and tried to manipulate my lips into speaking – next thing I knew it was 10 hours later and I hadn’t moved.

They dosed me up on antibiotics, took the infection down and sent me packing, telling me to go to a hospital if it flared up again. Fast forward 3 weeks and I had done a couple of races (I lost a fair bit of weight and it took me a while to get the fuel reserves back). And then skipped off back to Barcelona for some research, the tour de france ,mucho long training and some time with the extended family in france.

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