Wednesday, 22 July 2009

BA, bags and Barcleona

BA, bags and Barcleona

BA managed to loose my bags, including my insulin for 3 days, special. In the end I had to get a bsu to the airport and liberate the bags myself. Big thanks to Spanish baggage handling for letting me in. I’m pretty sure that’s strictly not what they should do and I’m pretty sure that by doing so they saved me some major trauma.

The next day, just when I was feeling good about my life, with my bike rebuilt and watching the tour someone half-inched my wallet on the metro at placa de catalunya. Normally I’m a pretty big believer in Karma and I look for something bad I’s have done to deserve this. I haven’t been quite as strict with my morals as I could have been. I let myself promote products I don’t really think are that great, or that morally upright. I ate food which might not have been treated as well as it should be and I walked past a homeless man without sharing some of my money. The irony was that I had just been thinking about that and I’m pretty sure that the reason this particualir tea leaf knew where my wallet was stashed was that I had just taken it out to give money to a dude who didn’t have enough for his ticket.

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