Thursday, 30 July 2009

back in the big ring

I got to ride my bike again today, it was great. i kitted up, mounted my shiny steed, took a brief moment to admire myself int he windows of the house and then struck off into the wild blue (or grey) yonder.

It was all going pretty well, until i hit the hills. at first i thought i felt surprisingly good, then odd things started happening. I felt really hot and like i needed to cough. Yes folks, i was, for the first time in a long time, unfit. I encountered the distinctly unusual feeling of being out of shape for the first time since the back arseh&le of the offseaon. Now normally when you are out of shape in november, nobody cares. You've all just come off the offseason and you resemble a bunch of cyclists from a distance but, up close you can see, everyone's a few kilos over weight, legs are hairy some particulairly unsanitary individual will be undoubtedly sporting a beard. RIght now i'm shiny, pretty lean but i'm lacking in fitness.

That said, i have the opportunity ot spend a week now just putting in long miles. I always lament that the best days ot go on long rides are the ones when you have to do proper "training" or racing. Well now i can enjoy the sunshine and head off on some expeditions to find the best teacakes within 80 miles of my house, then eat them, then ride back full of butter and raisins. LIfe's not so bad really.

Oh and i just got back from 2 days in Barcelona, i got to actually play with indurain's bike - it was about the right size as well - how cool is that? i went to cacao sampaka, it's my favourite chocolate shop ever, they do the best hot chocolate and these crazy truffles, like parmesan flavour and anchovy! I also got some great leads in the archive, and found some really intriguing grafitti. I also had a really really revealing chat with a taxi driver, see sometimes i pretend i'm doing research but all i really do is hang out in bike shops talking to old men about old riders.

Im going to write another post about this but everyone i told about my research whilst i was in Barcelona got really excited. Even the old abuela making the tomato bread in the bar by my house got all bleary eyed talking about Bahamontes and how he ode so "gracefully". now anyone who can provide me with garlic infused carbs AND wax lyrical about cyclists from the 60's that's my kind of girl. Unfortunatley spanish ladies of a certain age seem to have an irrepressible urge to feed me, it means we can't talk for long, or i'll explode.

oh i just got a shipment of trekbars form natural balance wholefoods, those protein flapjacks they are making now are pretty yummy, they go nicely with a cup of tea.

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