Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Right so, things haven’t gone according to plan! Im back in the UK< I have been back for 2 days but I haven’t been home yet, but at least I have got a cup of tea . In France the old appendix really started playing silly buggers, the food where we were staying was fantastic but I couldn’t enjoy it. Every time I ate I felt rubbish, my family finds it hard to cope with my diabetes at the best of times and this was really a bummer for them. Everyone was being understanding but I was getting worse and worse. We waited it out until our flight and I decided not to eat so that I could have an op when I got back.
I checked in to casualty at home and buggered about for a bit being passed form pillar to post. It was interesting to be actually salient in Cheltenham A & E, every other time I have been here it has been for one of my trademark delayed concussions, usually following a Saturday night fracas S aturday afternoon rugby game or using my forehead to slow me down in a bike race. Eventually they told me to eat at 8 pm, I had 4 sandwiches and felt rubbishy again, even the milka chocolate from france didn’t make me feel better. At this point I realized it was going to be hardcore nasty. However, it was nice to be home (or about 20 miles from home) I enjoyed watching quality British tv and reading the papers again. I got in a solid 10 hour sleep before meeting with the consultant in the morning.
The news he gave me was not good, not good at all. They can feel a mass in my intestine and I’m going for a scan again to confirm what it. It might be an appendix mass, it might not. He was pretty unimpressed by the treatment I received in the US, saying he would have operated right away. Now I’m waiting on the scan but I have been told that this could be the real deal a mahusive operation and 4-6 weeks off the bike. That would be season over. That could be a massive let down for me. Things haven’t been going well at all this year racing wise but it’s been cool. My focus has been on july and august. To loose the ability not only to race but to ride, especially in the summertime would be a real downer.
Anyway nothing is confirmed yet and he’s pretty sure it’s not a tumor – which is always nice. Having some time off will give me some time to do other stuff and get some solid work done. The body needs a break at some point, maybe this is my body’s way of telling me that it wants one now. Hopefully I can refocus and reset some new goals, it should be an interesting diabetes challenge, my metabolism will change a lot and I’ll have to learn how to deal with that. Lots of cooking and experimenting to come!
As for now my short term goal is to drink this radioactive solution so the CAT Scan can get a good look at my insides, then hopefully I can eat something before I have to start fasting again for my operation. It’ll be my third day of fasting – at least I’m not going to get fat sat here on my arse! Gives you an appreciation for what other people have to go through, my energy levels are rubbish and I can’t imagine being in a situation where you have to undergo this kind of calorie deficit every day and still go out and provide for your family.
So in an effort to try and stay positive I’m going to try and find some volunteering to do and some people to help. I’d love to go back to Kenya or Venezuela – I have some projects there I would like to finish up but I’m not sure if I’ll be fit to fly. One project I did have in mind was helping to get materials and bikes to kids down in Kenya – the materials (pens and books etc) help them to learn to read and write, giving them a hand up out of the poverty which can often be imposed upon them. The bikes let them get around to school, into town to buy food and to have fun and a sense of freedom. So if anyone has any old materials, surplus cash or hookups in the transport/shipping industry, drop me a line (jamesstout100 @
Keep smiling, don’t ever forget to be grateful for what you have and angry for what others don’t


  1. Hope you start feeling better real soon. Particularly upset to hear about your sub-par treatment in the US. We're only 54th in the world when it comes to that. It's all a third-world country like ours can afford.

  2. i know, i was thinking i should have hopped on a plane to cuba. I was in hospital there once and they do a great job AND the nurses give you hugs