Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Time off



This season has been pretty tough. I have beenr acing from February until September with very little down time, the down time I did have was when I was forcibly pinned down to my bed by a combination of IV drips and opiates when my appendix stopped playing by the rules of the game.

I raced my last race about a week ago, it was a TTT which unfortunately got cancelled due to a pretty brutal crash. Sadly the officials decided to let the race go on while the ambulance was dealing with the wounded warrior, this meant we did 3 laps of the 6 mile circuit where we were diverted onto the beach for about 500m. riding a disk in sand is quite entertaining, I think my experience riding in rubbish weather helped me there but sadly we shall never find out as the race didn't finish. It's an idea though eh? Storm the beach time trial, like d day but with bikes, clock starts when the front of the boa comes down and you ride up the beach then knock out a 25, I can see it taking off.

In the tt I felt shocking, I knew I was tired and that the end was nigh but right after the tt I called it a day and decided to rest for a while. Then I went for a ride the next day! 30 miles in 3hours, a nice café spin to call an end to the season, I ate a muffin the size of my head, drank a ton of coffee and chatted with my friends who I hadn't seen all summer while I was away. Since then I have been sat roundly on my backside. It's nice to have some time to do the stuff you put off to go cycling. I have been sorting out the house, planning stuff and even looking into getting a pet gerbil. I haven't been steering clear of the old ales either ;)

On Tuesday night I threw down an off season performance on the track, nothing special but it was fun to be back on the velodrome. I'm trying hard to recruit lots of freshers to the UCSD cycling team, im not sure if they were more impressed by the ride (not great) or the fact I chinned a beer before changing out of my skinsuit (quite hardcore).Tomorrow I'm off to vegas and interbike to try and hook up some deals for the uni club and get good kit for the beginners at a cheap price, nobody should be priced out of our sport.

Now with classes and teaching starting again and the weather in San Diego being stooped hot I need the time to adjust, all to soon I'll have weights to lift, miles to ride and intervals to do but for now I am enjoying the rare phenomenon of lying in past 8 on a Sunday morning!


Ps any tips on the gerbils? I have seen some amazing cages with helter skelters and all kinds of stuff. I want a gerbil 'cos they don't live too long (I will only be here for 3 more years) and don't go mental at night. Other suggestions welcome

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