Thursday, 17 September 2009

Travel tips


Justa super quick update today. I'm back in the US of A after a monster session on the plane/train. Perhaps an ill advised decision was to go for a 10k run, my first run in about 10 months, the day I got on the plane. I had just finished my last race on the road (I broke a wheel, not happy, so unhappy I'm not going o write about it) and was pretty excited about the 'cross season.

I packed away my bikes for the trip and headed out with my pooch. At first she as laying the hammer down and running all over the place, after about 6k she got distinctly more mellow and by the end I really thought I was going to have to carry her! I got ome from my run and felt good, only about 3 hours later did I realize how fundamentally wasted my body was, I had been doing run ups (up steep slopes) and hurdles, this pounds the old shins and quads a fair bit and most of the 11 hour plane journey was spent in quite precocious amounts of pain/cramp.

Anyway here are a few brief tips for long haul travel:

  1. Wear compression socks – you look like a granny but at least you don't get blood clots
  2. Drink, drink drink – dehydration is not your friend
  3. Take melatonin at local bedtime for jetlag

That's all for now


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