Thursday, 1 October 2009

oaf season

right now i'm in the middle of my off season, i have been dabbling in the velodrome scene (more on that later) and visiting interbike (the less said about that the better) and perfecting my peanut butter apple bread (it's not perfect yet). It's really important for anyone who exercises a stupid amount to take a complete rest sometimes, it helps your head get back into normal person headspace and helps your body recover ( stress hormones get too high with overtraining). As a rule of thumb i say you should take your rest as seriously as you take your training, if you're a casual rider, then you dont need to worry. If you're killing it 11 months of the year, take a rest before it kills you!

as for the velodrome well, it's safe to say i have only been distinguishing myself by wearing ridiculous outfits. Frankly though when you cross the line and the commentator refers to you as "the dude dressed like a neon ronald mc Donald" and then someone in the crowd shouts "he looks like dr seuss threw up on him", in my mind you may as well have won.

i just bought a new track bike, purple frame pink anodised bars and a pink hub, im putting my old cosmic carbone on the fornt but i need a rear rim - i was htinking pink/purple plaid but it's hard to find. any suggestions for stems, cranks and chainrings are greatfully accepted.

I have been dabbling in cross training, i went for an mtb ride int he pitch black in my flip flops with only a knog light just now - i was bored. Lucky thing i didn't like my shins anyway. Aside form blatant massochism i have been searching for somehting fun to do that's not riding. i don't swim very fast and don't like running. I am 110% burnt out with rowing after school and Oxford. today i did parcours, like running but more fun there's lots of balancing and jumping and stuff. I can see this being prett cool, until i stack it. Ia lso threw in a few forward rolls, i don't think they're conventional parcours but i like to push it to the ragged edge - 'cos i'm gnarly!

Oh yeah - work's hotting up as well so anyone with any desire to know about practices of flagellation and body oiling in olympia - i'm your man.

also - if you haven't tried the new cocoa orange nakd bar yet - get one, right now - it's better than a Terry's 'cos youdon't have a;; that ta[[ing and unwrapping malarkey (oh and it's good for you). My dad ate half of mine, i have to say i was happy that he wasn't eating chocolate but sad that he raided mys tash of nakd goodies.

ciao for now

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