Thursday, 15 October 2009

Resting, hardly!

Well it's been a while eh? how are you? i like your new shoes, and what you've done with your hair, very cool.


In all seriousness sorry for the delay in posts. Despite not riding my bike stuff has been insane but i thought people (mostly those who are related to me) might be wondering how i was getting on. My activity in the last four weeks falls into three basic categories; team stuff, fun stuff and work stuff.


I won't bore you with the work stuff other than to say that i may have wangled it so i can do my next diss (yep I'm slangin' the word dissertation) chapter on chocolate. I told someone this today, and they laughed in my face. Apparently I can't throw down with the bio engineering possee just yet. I'm still working on seeming cool AND credible with the geeks, maybe if I got some of those buddy holly spectacles? or a cardagin?

The team stuff however is more exciting. I went to interbike to meet sponsors and to have fun in Vegas (which im going to gloss over for the benefit of anyone who doesn't want to be permanently traumatised).Luckily, the sponsors bit went somewhat better than the partying bit and i managed to get some coooooool hookup for UCSD. Fast forward a month and we have more people on the team than ever - 14 beginners bikes sold last night (that's 14 people getting into cycling who might not have done so if the good people at Orbea had not stepped in with their support). My car is packed full of people every Tuesday to come and watch me race (im going to persist in using the word race, even when there are more appropriate ones, like self flagellate) at the ghettodrome (San Diego's answer to the world's velodrome problem). And our Sunday rides are great, full of beginners, all eager tolearn (and possibly to have me buy them a muffin). The only issue the team is facing is a cash defecit, our main sponsor pulled out late in the day leaving us high and dry but we're going to sort something out. There's too much momentum to stop now.

Now for the fun stuff, it seems to be a weekly occurrence that I find myself in the sea, in my underwear, rapidly sobering up. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, it's pretty fun, but it gets pretty damn chilly riding a beach cruiser home afterwards! A word of advice would be to avoid the white boxers, honestly, nobody wants to see that. Aside from the midnight dips I have become highly proficient in the art of beach cruiser Madison (it's pretty hard with those big bars) and been running a bit (it's only fun when you find stuff to jump over, or animals to run away from). I have also purchased a car, I still don't like driving it on my own and I'm still trying to work out how to convert it to biofuel. So far my only drives have been to get the car registered, put fuel in the car, get a buddy to help me work out how to turn the wipers off on the car and to go to a bike race


Anyway – I need to start pretending to work again, I have to find a justification for this chocolate malarkey in a big dusty book, then everyone will think I'm clever again, little do they know……

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