Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Furious fathers, felonies & fatalities

The angry bit -Wow that many Fs and I managed not to swear – fuck yeah! Oops. Anyway, I'm angry so im going to do some swearing. San diego seems to be taken up by a spate of really pointless anti- cyclist sentiment right now. First of all, 2 Saturdays ago some psychopath tried to kill me and my friends out on a ride. Now I know I tend to chuck out hyperbole but this time I'm not exaggerating. He got out of his car and started trying to hit people after running us off the road. The one of his buddies pulled up and joined in. we got photos & plates and called the cops – for once the iphone served a socially beneficial purpose!

A couple of words of advice for any potential road ragers out there :

One – you might got to jail

Two - best not to use the car with the personalized plates

Three- don't do it with your little kid in the car, what on earth are you going to tell him when the fuzz pull you over "that's how daddy deals with people he disagrees with"?

Secondly – someone got killed riding their bike about 2 miles from my door- it's not clear what happened yet so iw on't say any more but be careful kids. In a car bike crash – cyclists tend to come off second.

Thirdly – the bacon pulled me over for having a technically illegal bike light, I had a light but it's body was translucent, and apparently that's not cool. I'm sorry but really, in a country where they still deny people basic healthcare does the state need to employ (and arm) a man to police pink bike lights?

Right okay rant over.

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