Friday, 6 November 2009

Mighty muesli

It has taken me a while but I think my moment of enlightenment has come. After years in the wilderness and many breakfasts spent idly chewing through not quite perfect but very worthy cereal combinations I have found what I consider to be the ultimate muesli: now,a s I know you're already salivating like a dog in a pie shop I won't hang about any longer. I'm going to impart some bad ass breakfast knowledge, an' you're going to love it.

Dry mix make a (ton of this and store it)

1 cup oats (fat ones, old fashioned style is best I think)

Half a cup of oatbran

Half a cup of rye or wheat flakes

Tsp cinnamon

3tbsp raisins

A few chopped dates and apricots (both dried)


Then, the night before I want to eat it I add a mix of strawberry kefir, almond milk and coconut milk (you could use one, or all depends how you roll, i like to mix it up) Pineapple juice also works pretty well here

A tsp or so of honey

And some frozen mixed berries (also I sometimes add mango)

Then I leave it in the fridge all night (you want to have the liquid about 2 inches above the dry stuff so it can soak it up)

In the morning I add a finely diced apple, some toasted almonds and a bit of granola, maybe some yogurt or kefir and maybe some honey.

As you can see it's a template, not a formula – I feel Muesli should embrace the individuality of it's creator and be an expression of your inner thoughts and feelings (ok that last part was superfluous BS). Anyway, I hope you enjoy my breakfast of choice, I'm pretty sure tony the tiger is crapping himself right now, he knows I'm coming.

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