Wednesday, 18 November 2009

sand, saddles and sunshine

Now I'm sure you've all heard this before but apparently it really can be more fun In a new position. Recently I went down to b and l bikes in Solana beach (my socal bike shop of choice, honestly if it had an espresso machine I think it would be my outright bike shop of choice – take note lads). To get my position looked at. As the base training season has begun in earnest my back started to have some nagging pains. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I was rotating my back in order to take pressure of somewhere a little more sensitive! After quoting some pretty frightening blood flow statistics Danno (bike fitter extraordinaire and all around legend) showed me a new saddle which – combined with a change in cleat position and adjustment of seat height allowed me to get my back flatter and my saddle to bar drop greater. So not only am I more comfy I'm more aero, sweet.

I put in about 30 hours last week on my new position – I haven't had so much fun riding my bike in ages. I have been doing a lot of riding offroad on the road bike, I know all that "specificity" stuff has a place but it really is bloody good fun. Especially in the sand, it's like driving on a skid pan, you're not really in control, but somehow you make it out of the other side alright. Or you fall off. I may have returned home more than once in the past week looking rather sheepish and harboring sand in places where gentlemen shouldn't. it's something you should try (not the sand mind, that's pretty unpleasant, especially when you have to ride home), on a recent team ride the 2 people ahead of me and behind me crashed, I didn't. I'm not saying that I'm a bike handling maestro just yet (more like an Allegro), but it has helped. I have also been going to the gym, it's not fun and I don't suggest you try it. If you really must go – can I suggest you use the counting method I employ on the dumbbells (I'm pretty sure most of the guys there have adopted it now) – you only count prime numbers 1,2,3,5,7,9 etc – it makes you sound waaay hardcore. Also pick up from one set where you left off at the last. And you can add a grunt whenever you can't work out the next prime.

I'm dogsitting for a buddy for the next two weeks, I can't wait to have a dog around again, I love dogs! I need to get him some exercise each day – im considering trying to train him to pull me husky style but I think PETA might have something to say. Mind you I think the alternative (me taking him on runs) would offend people more, seriously I don't make nice faces when I run (see above, yeah that's me and, unbelievably im not actually being chased by a really scary animal [although if someone could photoshop in "the blob" that would be quite fun] im just trying to do a triathlon).

In other news, im riding for a new team next year, and it's very exciting. New soon. Also if you eat 2 pints of ice cream because there is no food at home and you just rode for 7 hours, don't expect to get by on your usual dose of insulin – In fact you might end up looking like a bloody pincushion. Oh and i'm base training in a jersey and shorts - 'cos it isn't cold here - i'm not missing the rain.


Stay safe, ride lots, keep smiling, and if you live in the states don't take any of this republican private healthcare crap (that's perhaps a rant best saved for another time….)