Thursday, 13 May 2010

man down

well hello there, it's been a while. i've been busy having adventures dicing with death on my bicycle, these life affirming few weeks have included the following episodes:

getting a pretty impressive dose of food poisoning in sonora county that left me flat on my back for 24 hours

being stung by a bee at sea otter and finding out that i'm hyper allergic and getting an epipen shot and IV benadryl

discovering that american people run the front brake on the left midway through the collegiate A mountainbike race at sea otter - and then flipping over the bars and being stuck in my (road) pedals until i managed to cartwheel my way back upright.

more mechanicals than you can shake a pedal spanner at

and last but not least, coming around a corner to discover an absence of road and ending up choosing tarmac over cliff edge. this resulted in me loosing a lot of skin and breaking my clavicle and dislocating my ac joint

But amongst all the bad things there have been some great times, foremost amongst these have been the chances which i have got tos pend time with some fantastic people and those are the experiences i want to focus on (let's face, most of the other stuff is straight up gory/scary). firstly i want to hank the amazing people who have taken me into their homes without knowing who the hell i am, anyone who is prepared to feed, clothe and quite likely nurse me out of the goodness of their heart is bound to be nice, i knew that but i have been astounded by just how well i have got on with the people i have stayed with. although i seem to have spent more than my fair share of time in motel rooms and even some time in hotels which cost more per night than i earn in a week the best experiences i have had have been having a dinner, or a beer with my hosts. So to Jan and Cath and Chris and family, thank you very much. to anyone else who feels like hosting me in the future - you might want to speak with these guys, and take a course in first aid!

the second really cool thing i have done recently was the long beach tour de cure where i was able to connect with some great people. Bizarrely right at the start of the ride i spotted an oxofrd university kit, assuming it was a recent ebay acquisition i rode over to chat with the presumed interloper only to discover Jeff, a cycling teammate from the good old OUCC days when the club reveled in my tenure as social secretary. i met a number of diabetic individuals who had inspirational stories, i'd love to recount them all but i am limited to typing with one hand. Suffice it to say that i got more out of that day in motivation than i would gain from a week of hard training.

im pretty sure that if i go on typing for much longer then my non crippled arm will become gimpy as well so ciao for now - i'll write more soon, i haven't got much else to do