Tuesday, 15 February 2011

building blocks and breaking bread

it's been a wee while since my last blog (find one recently which doesn't start like that) but i've been busy. My teammates dan and Bob have both come from colder climes to stay with us here in sunny California. it's been great having people to share our dream beach house with, especially when we're giving them a break from the chilly climes out east.

I've been putting in the big miles out and starting up the high intensity efforts. I couldn't be in a better place to be doing it, out in the East county of San Diego the hills are beautiful at this time of year and they take on a rather tuscan character with the obvious exception of the avocado groves. Talking of avocados i have been enjoying plenty of California's most delicious bounty recently, which brings me the "king of sandwiches" - fortunately this sandwich is not part of the repertoire of the burger king nor is it a meat filled deli monstrosity but rather a finely crafted piece of culinary perfection.

This Sandwich is pretty awesome it takes a BLT, steals it's lunch money AND gives it a wedgie. First you lay down the base (it's like training but yummier) i like to roll with Irish soda bread, but if you can't get hold of it i would go with rye. Then i lather on some mayo or avocado, 3 rashers of the saltiest bacon, then some green lettuce (romaine would work), good fresh tomatoes and (and this is where it really lays the nipple cripple on the puny BLT) a couple of good slices of home cured gravadlax (do it like that, but use brown sugar and tequila) i could also throw on this really cool herb which grows outside our house. It looks like a cowbell but has a lemon/cilantro flavour. Or some capers, or pickles, it depends on how i'm feeling.

I'd love to add a picture to this short musing but i've never been able to restrain my hunger for long enough. I'm thinking of trying to work more rare beef into my diet though, they tell me it makes one mucho mas rapido ;)

Until next time kids, stay hungry

oh and check out city and colour, they're a great chilled out band. Recently I've also been enjoying the works of matt and kim and MGMT when I'm busting out those longer intervals, they help me find a good rhythm. try it.

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