Sunday, 20 March 2011

big saturday

sadly although this WAS a big Saturday in spandex there was very little pole dancing involved. in fact you could accurately say there was none. I thought i would open your eyes to a big training day. in the form of a diary which makes things seem somewhat planned and organised, i like that illusion.

i wake at about 7.15am, can't seem to kick the habit (wish i'd been able to do that when i was 16) so today was no different. In order to prevent myself from setting about a manly breakfast i rapidly applied spandex and grabbed a healthy few snacks which i'd made the night before (chewy bars, a pb and jam sandwich, and a few hammer gels) 2 bottles of nuun and my omnipod and headed out the door. after 15 minutes of brisk pedaling i rendevouz'ed (i think i just coined a new word) with a local group ride which provided me with a hearty bagel based breakfast and the opportunity to dilute the level of blood in my caffeine system.

an hour of no-number bike racing ensued in which i proceeded to regret the bagel and indeed creep around at the back making myself work harder than i would have done at the front but not receiving the chance to battle the other grown men for the ultimate prize. Bunch gallop completed i hooked up with fellow commonwealthian Alistair Loutit and rolled out east towards Palomar. I checked my sugars after the sprint 204, i put down a cliff bar over the next hour, i thought i would need it later.

we hit Escondido at about 10am, Escondido doesn't have a rush hour it's just pants, always. after playing stop light trackstand world championships and cursing the existence of what appears to be a compendium of every single kind of bad junk food in between my house and the biggest hills around we crested Wholford and Descended to the base of the mountain. a quick prick revealed a bs of 154 and another prick (this one owned and operated a gas station) revealed that the water from the fountain cost 50 cents. I put down a gel and we set off upwards. pretty soon i was bloody creeping like my legs were made of concrete. i put away a chewy bar and an apple cinnamon gel (secret weapon, super yummy) and dragged myself up to the top. Where loutit was waiting for me. I only noticed this when i nearly rode into him, it was so foggy i could barely see. At this point we were 100k and 31/2 hours deep. I refuelled at mother's kitchen with cherry pie. and a mocha (they don't know about the mocha, i paid for a coffee and raided the chocolate machine. Now mother's kitchen makes a FINE egg and avocado sarnie but i'd like to name and shame their use of delicious but somewhat unnatural baked goods from COSTCO. those weren't hanging about in MY mother's kitchen!

my hands were so bloody cold i didnt test up at the top but the ride back saw my legs return, it was noon when we left the cafe and we rolled the 100k back home much faster, i put away my pb and jam sarnie (mum's homemade raspberry jam). The only event of particular note was the bloke in escondido who followed us through the whole city blaring rock music and throwing up "bullhorns" - i may have encouraged this by doing some of my more ornate bike based moshing and revealing my gene simmon'sesque tounge (it's really big, you could make a lengua taco or something).

i made it home at about 80 mmol and pounded a yogurt parfait, had a shower and commenced doing totally bugger all. sadly i had to move all mys tuff out of my house later in the day so i motivated myself with the carrot of a couple of Bull Taco offerings. having rolled up north we proceeded to try to attend several parties, judiciously selecting the one which involved the least standing up. ( i also put away another hypo related bowl of cheerios) and ended up at the pub. On the reccomendation of the bartender i enjoyed a fine cismontaine double IPA and returned home via the supermarket (late night = reduced prices) for a fine dinner of tuna and spinach supplemented by some yogurt and cereal augmented by a healthy trowel-full of peanutbutter (maybe i should stop buying stuff in bulk it's cheaper but the variety isn't exactly thrilling)

i went to bed at 108 - i'm not going to throw out bolus numbers but if you feel like they'd help you contact me directly. for those who asked i hope this helped, for those who didn't i hope God credits you with 5 minutes of your life when you cash in your chips

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