Friday, 29 April 2011

R and r and redox

Well it's taken me 4 months of riding my bike full time to embrace NOT riding it all the time. Last week my body decided to throw down the gauntlet, all the jetlag and training kms hit me at once and my intestine, where my ruptured appendix scarred it ( Thanks again privatized healthcare for leaving said appendix unmolested) decided to wrap itself into a little ball. That hurt.

It also necessitated a change in diet and 8 days off the bike. I'm on my last rest day now and I feel so much better, more energetic and less fatigued. You don't want to know the treatment details but I will say that I turned up at a Spanish hospital got an d X-ray and a blood Chemistry and got the resume all within 2 hours, for free. Damn I hate socialism.

I have been wondering what I changed, it's tue that I travelled but I travel a lot and training was hard but its always hard. The major thing I removed was the asea redox water I had been taking. I'm not normally one to believe in such stuff but I took a good look at my regime and I really do think this might have been a factor.

Now I'm not a nutritionist or a scientist but I am pretty open minded and willing to try stuff, Scott at asea was kind enough to get me on the product and, as I say I feel I can attribute some positive effect to it. I get no money from them but the product was free, I'm not going to say it'll change your world but it is one of many things You might want to try. Anyone who can enlighten me on the science, feel free!

Anyway, of far more import is the upcoming royal wedding " gasp " what WILL she wear? I think my village at home is having a street party! As much as I'm not a royalist will is a nice guy ( I met him once, he was struggling mightily with a surfboard, I think it ha republican sympathies) and I wish him all the luck in the world, I'm just not going to bow to him!

-yep typed it with my thumbs: they're what makes us better than apes

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