Monday, 2 May 2011

Spanish shopping

Generally my anecdotes don't involve footballers wives, but for Vickie b we'd all make an exception, right? I found myself at the counter of the fish shop today debating the position taken by the former on alluvium consumption.

Having selected my sardines ( caught this morning, I think I saw some of their brethren come ashore during my ride) I announced an intention to cook them amb al ( with garlic) this sparked a somewhat strange reaction: old lady one announced that she was with Victoria on this one, we eat too much garlic. I disagreed and was joined by old lady two. Customer two weighed in with the spice girls and we spent the next ten minutes in debate. Conclusion, I'll cook my sardines with garlic and the parsley which they give you fore free at fish shops here. That, amics, is European unity.

I love shopping here, a typical trip takes me from the fruiteria by my house where I garb a few apples and pears to the market which presents a cornucopia of vegetables ( yup cornucopia) and animals in various states of dismemberment. I've been buying chicken carcsses to make soup recently, you get the bones and, I you're lucky some " bonus" meat for less than a euro a kilo. Then I get my veggies, and stop off for fresh flautas ( especially thin and yummy baguettes) which I carry home ( taking care not to crush them. By this point I resemble a culinary packhorse as I approach the fish shop to enquire what is cheap today and how to best prepare it.

At this point I tend to recover my reserves with a brief tapa and a cana before assaulting the cobbled climb back to home and the rigors of lunch/dinner preparation it's a hard job but someone has to do it ( I suspect that someone is not mrs beckham)

-yep typed it with my thumbs: they're what makes us better than apes

Location:All over tarragona