Wednesday, 15 June 2011

so what does a full time cyclist do on a rest day?

well for one thing (s)he (im going to go ahead and use the male pronoun from here, sorry Germaine but that's jus thow i roll, so suck it [do we think Germaine Greer reads my blog? Not any more]) forgets to write a blgo post so im writing this after cremating myself in the Catalan sun.

i have developed an alliterative way of recalling my usual rest day activites and i've even managed to use a cycling related TLA (three letter acronym) for my rest day fun. the three categories of activity which seem to often mean that my rest days are more jam packed than training days can be summarised along the same lines as one of cycling more painful events; TTT.

firstly you have time saving. In general this is doing stuff that you cant do on training days as you want to be restful, or stuff you cant do because you're away racing. this category might include: waiting (this is a VITAL activity when you need to get something done with the spanish government), cooking a lot of food, making rice cakes for training. cleaning bidons and the bike, planning travel to the next race, shopping, skyping and just occasionally a spot of home brewing (more on that later)

then you have your second "t" (you'll notice that in order not to infringe copyright i havent called these the 3Ts). This is "training" just because it's a rest day doesn't mean no riding. i'll spin for an hour or two, often taking the chance to sport a classy walz cap on my way to a local panaderia where i will sample a minute croissant and coffee (in order to maintain my svelte physique) before rolling back home. this is a pretty easy ride and i try to keep the cadence high, it flushes the legs out but prevents them from going stiff. I also do other training related activites; think stretching, breathing exercises etc.

bringing us to the end of our TTT is Time filling. I've become a highly effiocient procrastinator and i can pretty effectively dominate the tables outside of the cafe florida for over an hour, sipping a cortado or a cerveza, munching on olives and enjoying some improving literature. There are so many books to be read, songs to be learned, recipes to be browsed and tweets to respond to. I also seem to spend hours talking to various shopkeepers, bartenders and random people in the street which i am sure i could cut out of my day if i were more ruthless.

anyway, there's your weekly window into my little world (i am KILLING the alliteration today)

until next time, adeu

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