Wednesday, 22 June 2011


There's something highly attractive about swearing, especially for a good cause. Whether that be fuck(ing) cancer (not literally) or giving the metaphorical middle finger to my pancreas I've never been one to shy away from four letter language. Sone peopledont like it, some people might use it as an excuse to terminate your employment. Frankly if your brain isn't large enough to contemplate the difference between foul language to cause offense and the manipulation of spectacle for humor or a good cause, you'd better focus on breathing. That's it, in and out, good, had you worried for a minute there didn't I? Fuck! (that caught my remaining readers in Georgia by suprise, but no worries, i think they shock most likely euthanased them)

Anyway I want to highlight the work of the guys over at stfu; I'm all about not whining when it comes to training or even diabetes but there are some cases when we need to learn to share. Depression is a nasty nasty thing, I've seen it destroy my family and that of my best mate And I myself am no more immune than anyone else. The really nasty thing about depression is that we can't see it and as a result we don't give it the recognition it deserves, sufferers don't talk about it and we often never find out an individual I'd suffering until they breakdown or worse. Then it's too late.

As a society we need to change our perceptions of mental illness. We need to be more open to talking about it. We spend millions trying tp cure cancer but we could solve this issue by simply softening up and having time to talk.

I want to make raising funds and awareness for the issue a part of what I'm doing with my life. If I can do this and just one person is moved to talk, or listen before it is too late then I'll be happy. I spend my life wearing my diabetes on my sleeve (literally) and I do t see any reason why depressed people should be any more compelled to hide their condition. so check it out

-yep typed it with my thumbs: they're what makes us better than apes

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