Thursday, 2 June 2011

What goes a ronde

Well today wasn't my finest hour; I'm writing this from the cafe where I signed on five hours ago; watching the break roll in for the last lap.

In a typical jamesfashion I arrived early, signed on and managed to waste the 90 mins I had allocated for warming up by faffing about. Having completed two ten k laps I was sufficiently worried about te parcours to get to the start early, so were about eighty others. Sadly one local gent had left his vehicle in prime position and so we waited while the police towed it away, and we waited, an it gt warmer and the bolus I'd taken worked it's way into my blood and I started eating all my gels. Thirty minutes later we rolled, the first lap
Was savage.

Usual Belgian stuff; clip in, sprint, try not to vomit, up he pavement watch out for the lampost, across the gap. Sprint, stop, sprint again, swear ib whatever language comes first....

Two laps in and we settled, I moved up in afew corners ten lost time by taking the long route around a roundabout. A guy in front of me popped and I chased, five hundred watts for a minute, we got back, I rested, I was struggling to get the bike into a gear, I'd put the wheel in wrong. I looked down and lost places, an anpost rider dived up the inside, too fast and next thi g I knew his bike flew back off a lamppost! I swerved and then it was full gas, the riders behind bellowed but I knew they didn't have the legs to close it up so they were using their Lungs in the hope that I did. Five ks later we were back, sitting at the back I breathed through the straw which had replaced my windpipe. And then I looked up, echelons wereforming and we were at the back. Boom! Full gas but too late, I tried with the Fcp team to close the gap but no good, we were done, I popped him for the unimportant placing, grabbed my pump and went out to spin.

An hour later I got back, drank some rebuild and action wiped myself and the bike clean, I'm off to find wifi now and a place to sleep, until then.

-yep typed it with my thumbs: they're what makes us better than apes

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  1. Nice post James, even with the typos. Doing a great job Keeping the British End Up.