Sunday, 31 July 2011

Broken in Belgium

Well I'm back in Belgium and predictably it's raining. I've been racing but without much luck the casteen and the broken ribs dont get on very vell, neither do poncy Light saddles and the above. So today I'm taking a rest, belgificiating my bike ( back to the San Marco regale saddle, there are some positives to not being sponsored) and later I'm going to enjoy a fine geuze from the bierwinkel in wevelgem.

I'm very content here, living with my family is great, they look after me wonderfully and it's really nice to be back in the nourishing family home environment. It's also good to have someone else to tape up your ribs!

I've been sampling the finest of Belgian cuisine, frogs legs and mashed potatoes with soured milk were a new ( and yummy) experience. I'm trying to steer clear of the frites but rijstarts, grillettes and speculoos as well as the manifold waffle variations have made a showing. I've also become a regular at the bier winkel ( where they're educating me in the geuze, lambic and Trappist ales.

A trip to the doc recently revealed some blood issues again, so I'm having a bit of a rest and traveling business class (yeah baby) to cwd in Canada. I'm really looking forward to cwd, I love seeing kids with diabetes. Nobody should have to be told to stop doing what they love and I like the feeling that I can help in a small way in empowering and helping them.

-yep typed it with my thumbs: they're what makes us better than apes

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