Thursday, 14 July 2011

Denia Kebab

Well I'm sitting in a Spanish hospital again, I came here in an ambulance. There's a hole in the front of my shirt and another in the back, two centimeters to the left and I'd have a corresponding hole in my chest.

We decided to Go and see the bous a la mar in denia and one there I was stood on a box inthe middle of the burig watching the spectacle. The bull ran around a bit but nobody got Hurt. It ran towards the box but veered away. Cut a long story short the bull minutes the box, and when it left it propelled me, like a ragdoll onto the ground, I curled up into a ball and it kicked me but then moved on. I landed pretty hard on my head, got a fright I won't forget and a scar I can show off.

I was pretty lucky, once I was ib the first I'd building they patched me up and then suddenly the door swung open and I saw a young girl covered in blood with the most terrible fear in her eyes. The first aid guy shouted "shit shit she's going to die" I stumbled out of the door to get away, feeling really dizzy I fell over. A couple of guys helped me and a kind policeman came and kicked me and told me this was no place for drunks, the red cross volunteer gave the policeman a forceful slap, he policeman gave me a dirty look and moved on.

I kept feeling dizzy and falling over but with my cgm torn off and my bag in the medic room it didn't occur to test until someone gave me some sugar and I felt a lot better.

Anyway I've had a spinal X-ray and I seem to have two broken ribs but they may have been broken before. My neck hurts and I'm bruised all over but I can't stop thinking about that I cane 2cm from death and all I lost was my shoes ( which are somewhere in the bullring)

I'm the luckiest boy who ever broke two ribs

-yep typed it with my thumbs: they're what makes us better than apes

Location:Denia hospital

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