Monday, 4 July 2011

Lourding it up

After yesterday's basqueland battering ( by the way is a hotdog course in the basqueland a xorizo course? It was certainly spicy...) I've made it to Lourdes.

The number of hotels in Lourdes is insane, and after the tent and the little passengers who seem to ha e joined my adventure since sleeping on the gravel by the aide of the road i decided to shell out for a shower and sleep.

Turns out the hotelier likes to ride, he gave me a look at his cofidis edition look and provided to ask how I would prepare for the race, I said I wanted to get a good sleep and I'd have a coffee beforehand. He laughed. Since then they've been trying to catch medoping I think the Insulin I took with breakfast seemed too obvious.

Lourdes is a fascinating town. Wikipedia
Should familiarize the uninitiated but what it doesn't tell you is that this town is a cross between blackpool and Sarasota. They are huge amounts of tacky souvenir shops albeit kiss me quick hats are replaced with rosaries and crucifixes. Hundreds of empty hotels and resteraunts tote their wares and roaming groups of tourists following umbrella (or ikon) wielding guides prowl the streets. Meanwhile down by the cave concession stands battle with groups of nuns getting their photo snapped and scenes resembling a traffic jam in a Hospital as hundreds of very unwell people are wheeled into the cave. I hope they et better but I couldn't find anything approaching peace or healing amidst the virgin Mary cigarette lighters and saint Bernadette penknives. But maybe I lack the faith to see.....

Anyway I've bought some ham after three days of canned sardines and a very unsatisfactory dinner of bread and prunes. Time to get my lunch on; jambon beurre et fromage chevre
-yep typed it with my thumbs: they're what makes us better than apes


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