Sunday, 17 July 2011

racing without ribs

well the last few days have just been one big adventure; the day after my tango with the torro. i decided to race, my legs felt good but i lasted a couple of laps before leaning on some guy into a corner and nealry passing out with pain. That was a bit of a waste of everyone's time really. should have spent all day in bed.

However Friday provided considerably more entertainment. Cynthia and I drove up to France to catch the tour at Lourdes. Using my newfound ability to negotiatate the labyrinthine ffc webpage i found a nocturne a mere 31 k away and decided that, after watching thour thunder home i would go and repeat the process. I mounted up and began following signs to the race (big thanks to the TDF commisairre in the red car who gave me a tow while he informed me we were going the wrong way....). Anyway from my riding to the race expereince i can reveal another of my "top tips" you might want to check the elevation, yes it was 31k but OVER THE BLOODY PYRENNEES. I arrived about 10 min before the race, the backpack was not helping my ribs and ai was already battered. Thankfully they let me sign on and pinned on my number as everyone lined up. and then made a big fuss of anouncing just about everything i've ever done on a bike.

Once the race got going it became clear i was going to put in a pretty underwhelming performance. the painkiller had rendered me totally useless, i felt like i was on dope, i saw the race going on but didn't care. anything about a mighty 400w seemed like too much effort and os i just sat at the back being pants. My one move was foiled by a stack in a dropped group and an ambulance awaiting me around a blind corner. Saldy not everyone obeyed the black flag and somehow a break went and lapped the field while we were neutral, tres francais...

after the rave i grabbed my backpack and started to head back to lourdes. Being careful to mount my two knogs, i'm not sure why i bothered. One led isn't really going to do bugger all at 11pm in the pyrenees. Then i proceeded to flat, change the tyre using the light on my ipod and a qr lever to take the tyre off (and if you thought you knew pain, try pumping a tyre up with 2 broken ribs). Climbing and descending a col in the pitch black is very peaceful, meditative and also TOTALLY FUCKING PETRIFYING.

somehow i made it back to Lourdes in one piece (or two pieces if you count my internal cracks). spent ages mincing about and eventually found the hotel, where they didn't have the key. Eventually iwas let into the room and showered before realising all my clothes were with cynthia in the car. A call to recpetion saw the wifi passcode sent up, not by room service but by two elderly women who happened to be in the room next door. Me clad in a towel was perhaps not the pearly white vision they expected in Lourdes....

having dressed and eatena 1am dinner, slept and caught the start of the Tour stage i dropped off cynthia and headed to Narbonne. I grabbed a room in the cheapest hotel in town (that's how i roll) took a nap, woke up, ate my bodyweight in bread and nutella and headed out to race again at 9pm. I'll save the race report for another day but suffice it to say that your skin isn't as effective as Dura Ace brakes at slowing you down...... but i'm more balanced now, left hand ribs broken right hand road rash

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