Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Fun in the sun

I woke up his morning after a holiday weekend. My head was thumping, there was a tattoo on my arm and my mouth was bone dry. The tv hurt my eyes wig Its images of a carnival which I had somewhat unwittingly got involved in on Saturday and bottles covered the hotel room floor.

Rather than a bout of rocketed excess I was recovering from my trademark dehydration and heatstroke and a great weekend at cwd Toronto. I love working with children with diabetes. Nobody should have to stop doing what they want because their pancreas is lazy. And if it takes me to prove that my insulin pump is waterproof sweatproof bullproof and Tarmac impact tested then I'm happy to help.

The omnipod team in Canada really impressed me, great people and a grey attitude and balance. Their office gym and cafe were outstanding and they really seemed like a happy and motivated team. I can't ever see myself desk jockeying but if I do I hope it's somewhere like this.

I managed to get ina quick spin whilst I was in toronto. I rode over to the cn tower and along the lakefront. Sadly some phallus of cn tower proportions had removed the tape marking my position but the guys at wheels of bloor helped me get it back, thanks. A Nys inspired barrier hop on te way back found me surrounded by spandex, sadly not a ride but a parade. I did get some odd looks but I want the one with a flamingo on my head.

We ate some fantastic food, lees. Fusion food provided a highlight without doubt the beat slaw and possibly the best peanut and chocolate dessert ( a subject on which I could be considered an expert) but my best memories are from sitting down with little kiddies as they totted up the carbs in their lunches and decorated their pods.

And mum and gran, you can breathe again; the tattoo was a transfer from one of the children .

Location:Toronto, the town with the tower that looks phallic enough to get it fired

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