Monday, 8 August 2011

The several ps

Proper prior preparation prevents piss poor performance, right

So I went out training on Saturday and 2 hours into a tempo ride I bumped into a race. I was going to watch but peer pressure from te nice old lady who hands me bidons sometimes Persuaded me to pin on a dossard.

Fully expecting to get dropped I set off with one can of coke in a bottle, a jersey with didn't match my knicks and made it to a bakery just in time to pound a rijstart on the line.

For reasons best known to myself I didn't get dropped as fast as I'd hoped, despite my frame pump and saddlebag. Thus I found myself 100k later with nearly five hours on the clock begging jelly smurfs off the other riders as it started to hail.

In the video I'm the only guy in kneewarmers; thats a sin in Belgium but I think the saddlebag marked me out as a rank outsider anyway, Floyd would've been proud.

To top it all off I got lost on the way home, and all I got for the whole 220 k funfest was a waffle!

And yes the Belgian team I'm riding for has a beer sponsor, other major supporters are euro premium dog food (my favorite canine cuisine) and a cabbage grower ( mmmmm cabbage).

-yep typed it with my thumbs: they're what makes us better than apes

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