Sunday, 30 October 2011

erection envy?

as we all know, the best bike in the world is the one that fits you (or the one you get paid to tell everyone is the best bike in the world...) anyway, if this is the case then my bike just became even better thanks to the intervention of the gents at cyclefit uk.

since my latest attempt at maiming myself in Tobago i've not been able to ride without back pain, an mri revealed a bulging disc in the l2/l3 region of my lumbar spine. not nice. so, under strict doctor's order's im not riding hard until December and i've been sent to get a fit. cue a few well placed phone calls and tweets (thanks to my friend tom who is a cyclefit (and aquafresh) sponsored rider) and i'm on a train to London at a time normally reserved for testers, jet lag sufferers and those weird people who like to watch birds through massive telescopes (i mean feathery birds here, i dont think stalkers get up that early). After a brief encounter with the metropolitan police (apparently launching a full on attack on the commuters via the pavement isn't cool with them) i made it to cyclefit in time to bask in their luxurious shopfront and browse the 100 pages of pretension that make up Roleur magazine before commencing my fit.

To say these lads have all the gear is an understatement, they broke out video cameras, fitting rigs which move as you ride (which allow you to make changes without forgetting how the old position felt), gnoimeters, footbed making vacum devices, thumbscrews (ok maybe not thumbscrews but i'm pretty sure i saw something that looked like one) and most valuable of all, years and years of experience at the top of their game. we looked at all kind of parameters and ultimatley moved my bars up quite a bit, my saddle up and foreward, changed my footbeds, dewedged my feet and concluded that in the near future (i.e. when i have enough money) a new saddle and narrower bars would be nice.

my approach to dealing with my back injury has been to get the very best people to give me their best advice. my doctor is from the uk institute of sport, the fit is one of the best in the world. it's one thing freestyling your recovery from a broken collarbone - i've tried that and now i can't wear backpacks or lift much with my left arm. it's another deal taking risks with your spine. i want to be walking when i am 40, not crawling. i'm not going to persist in riding with 13cm of drop if the cost of doing so is my long term health, i've always said i'm diabetic first and biek racer second and the same applies here. and when i have the good fortune to benefit fromt he best avliable advice, even i am not stupid enough to ignore it! If you're wodnering why i'm going to such pains to justify myself her eit's because my bike has a stem which resembles massive erection and like anyone going out in public with such an appendage, i'm a little self conscious. Ultimately nothing looks stupid if you're going fast enough and the goal is to go fast, not to look good creeping.

i managed to get out for 4 1/2 hours yesterday, 3 mountains and one particularly vicious dog-pursued interval session and i've no discernible back pain today. in fact i'm getting much more pain from carrying around a heavy messenger bag when i go to Barcelona with all my books- so if anyone has a better idea please share it below.

also NB this is my 100th blog post and I am once again, injured, just like the first one! I may also be eating baked goods, plus ca change...

oh and hea don over to @cyclefituk on twitter to find your optimal position for riding ;)


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