Tuesday, 4 October 2011

In pain on a plane

Well I'm on a plane again, earlier than expected and less comfortable. I'm coming back after the uci race in Tobago. I haven't been riding very well for various reasons, some of which it wouldn't be very professional to go into on a public site. While I was away my Sugar management wast always optimal, often this was my fault. I always tell kids with diabetes to take control of their own situation nd never rely on threes who will never fully understand "your" condition I was guilty of ignoring my own advice.

I was also guilty of ignoring the tips I give to beginner cyclists, chiefly listen to your body, don't brake in the middle of a turn, don't attack in the first k of a long race and don't make a prick out of yourself descending in the wet. I'd been feeling pants all week, coming down twice didn't help but I was riding at the back where it's sketchy as I didn't feel like my left side had any connection to push through.

In the uci race on Sunday I marked a very early move ad went way to deep for my bad legs. Come the first long climb I was lathered lactate and paying off my oxygen debt. I tried to float but guys were loosing wheels left right and center I ended up going full gas to stay within sight of the caravan, and descending like a nutcase to get back on. Eventually I paid the price for taking risks and went sideways across a corner, I kept it up but my back was in agony. My whole left side seized up in a familiar pain. In 2005 I herniated a disk rowing at Oxford and this felt like the early stages of that injury, I rode around to get finish but back at the end I couldn't even swing my leg over the bike!

Now I must say the beautiful corse and wonderful people of Tobago made this suffering about as pleasurable as was possible. The 2k 23% climb and 3000m of climbing and descending did not! As for the mudslides, off road sections,goats, chickens and cows well,variety is the spice of life.

Talking of spice the food was really impressive. I'm a devotee of saltfish buljol (especially with bake) and just about anything made with coconut. And i can honestly say I've never even seen some of the fruit on offer. I've also eaten far far too many bad pb and guava "jam" sandwiches when in a country with such great fresh seafood and fruit. A great part of traveling is trying new food so stocking up on basics which are neither that healthy nor that unique always seems a shame. That said when you can eat your fill you shouldn't ever complain. Lots of people can't.

Last night I sank a few beers, listened to some steel band music and reflected on an enjoyable I'd slightly hectic trip. Though about the future and the past. Later I spent some time with Ronnie who might just be the best driver and mechanic ive ever met. When I get flustered I make a knob of myself, I've never met someone who more exuded calm and warmth. I was exuding warmth from the inside as we shared a glass of rum before I left!

Today I rode in the back of a pick up truck to a boat to a bus to another pick up to a rum shop, a velodrome and an airplane to take me home.

-yep typed it with my thumbs: they're what makes us better than apes

Location:Piarco airport

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