Saturday, 12 November 2011

this time last year

about a year ago, i sent this email. a lot has changed since then...
hey ****, I did an athlete day here in the Bronx, New york today, i just wanted to say how much all this stuff means to me. Today was pretty tough, i saw lots of people missing legs, arms and eyesight but they all really look up to us and that's cool.
i don't know what the procedure is but it would be really cool to get some kiddie kits out here for the younger kids, i spent a couple of hours with one girl today just persuading her to take her insulin again. i gave them some of my tt1 stuff but it would be cool to have something to give them if i come back. I said i'd give them a jersey if they could get better a1c scores (like single figure a1c scores) - is there anything we can do? i even had a little 5 yr old kid ask how he could join the team!
anyway i just wanted to say thanks, today was pretty special

This stuff meant an awul lot to me, and there ar elots more emails like this. I've got nothing to hide an nothing to prove but i was looking for an email address and i came across this in my old emails. It makes me sad not to be able to go and visit those kids again. for one thing i have a few more spare kits for them now!

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