Thursday, 27 January 2011

more links than a tandem chain

I rode 5 hours today, and 4 hours yesterday and 6 hours on Monday. I wore my shorts, i think i even got a little bit sunburned on Monday. I thought I'd share that with all my friends at home who are still struggling with temperatures below freezing, ice, snow and the continued premiership of David Cameron. Oh well, at least they could solve one of those problems by electing one of the opposition parties, oh, hang on....

this is a great time of year to be a cyclist, you're putting in LOTS of hours and plenty of efforts at tempo and threshold but you're still at home and not on the road. Still sleeping in your own bed and able to cook yourself dinner (and oh my there have been some dinners as of late). and even indulge in a few bouts of self indulgence thanks to this little fellow. I've been playing with my Colnago getting my fit dialed thanks to Eric and making sure everything actually holds together thanks to velo hangar it's great to see the new workshop up there taking shape and it always makes me happy to refer people and see them so pleased with the quality of the labour.

In between typing blogs with more spurious links than a Tolstoy novel i've been plenty of long rides with my coach and my friends out here. San diego reall is a cracking place to ride, especially out east, somewhat ironically the further East one goes the more western the vibe is. I ACTUALLY saw a man unironically roping a small cow today and a bar with those doors which swing both ways, i waited for a no-good stetson wearing drunkard to come flying out pursued by a petticoated lover and cuckolded husband. I have also enjoyed the marketing efforts of the various farmstands we've passed enroute including a sign advertising "Homemade Stuff" in the same emporium that tempted passers by with the offer of NO squash over 5 dollars and; the last in a series of signs, (perhaps suggesting that, incredibly, the best offerings of cheap squash had proved unsuccessful) FREE CHOCOLATE. we decided not to stop, there's no telling how big of a gourd i'd have ended up purchasing in order to test the extent of their pricing policy.

I've put in a few coffee stops but I'm still struggling to expand my coffee vocabulary, can anyone suggest anything particularly exciting which isn't going to spike my blood sugar up to 500? The cool thing about the coffee stops isn't so much the coffee as the random interactions one has when 3 skinny little men dressed like power rangers descend on cafes in the middle of nowhere. As of late i've met some very cool people and shown off my insulin pump more times than i can recall. The team gives me cards with my number, email etc and it's proven really useful. Everyone knows someone living with the big "D" and its cool to help them make connections and let them see what's possible and what's out there for them in terms of resources and possibilities.

talking of which , i hung out with the insulindependence possee after the Carlsbad Marathon last weekend. Not only did they get over 80 pancretards around the course (including Andrew Mink who, in a move highly reminiscent of my own disorganised antics, managed to beg a pair of (casual) shoes of a random bystander) they're also a great group who do good things for the 'betes. Much like team type 1 they're about enabling and promoting achievement with diabetes, not wallowing in Self pity. We all need positive role models and these guys help to provide that. Sadly we all need insulin as well and for all the good examples people like insulindependence and team type1 set we're working against a corporate healthcare system that puts profit over people, but i've written about that before. sadly it isn't getting nay better but that doesn't mean we should give up trying.

right rant over, it's late and i should sleep, coffee ride and beach time on the cards for tomorrow and the ADA tour de cure party on Saturday. Maybe i'll see some of you there?

top tunes:
city and colour (note how they spell that)
cage the Elephant - Shake me down
Matt and Kim

Super Snacks:
barra brith
homemade granola bars
roast chicken and gravy (mmmm gravy)

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

i like it when people say thank you

got a really cool email today
Hey James,

I wanted to thank you sososo much for taking time out of your day to speak with me. I really am truly honored to have met you. I am going to use those tips that you gave me first chance I get today when I get on my bike after work today. I found you on Twitter and followed you like you said, I also followed Cycling Fans. I really look forward to grabbing a pint before you head home. Also you sead to remind you that you may have some extra clothing lying around. Do well on your workout today, and that's a bummer that your coffee maker broke. I would have been super pissed.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

new year, new plan,

Good morning from a sunny Southern California. It's been a wee while since my last blog. Being a full time cyclist has been taking up my time rather fully as of late. I've been ramping up the intensity of my training thanks to my coach and the San Diego weather and some great company. Fellow tt1 rider Alex Bowden and I are living in a humble studio within spitting distance of the sea and smelling distance of the lagoon.

We've been training plenty and basking in the sunshine plenty more. Enjoying good food and the company of good friends before the racing season starts in earnest in a few weeks. I'm looking forward to hitting the road and having some fun but I'm also partial to being a bit of a homebody especially with such a perfect view from our kitchen window! As we speak i am using said view, along with this blog to procrastinate on a hard ride which i have scheduled.

Between moving house, riding lots and attempting to sort out visa/ family stuff. I had some family issues to resolve over the holidays which made the period less than festive but i'm glad to report that they are as far towards a resolution as can be expected. Blogging about them in detail would be neither useful nor helpful but it certainly took up a lot of time and a lot of my capacity to be cheerful. I've fallen rather behind on my online publishing commitments, let me tell you, there's no need to worry. I intend to return,stronger than before in a fashion which would make the one testacled wonder entirely envious.

but first, as my blood sugar arrow points straight up, it's chamois time!