Tuesday, 10 January 2012

learning to love riding

it's my first week back at school. i'm not sure if it's the new shoes, the shiny lunchbox or the bigger kids stealing my multicoloured biro or the getting up early but something seems awfully familiar. It's been a year since i had to do anything other than ride a bike for a living and, oddly i'm enjoying riding my bike now more than ever.

i've been commuting to Uni, right now i'm using my colnago but i'm working on a commuter bike from the junk boxes of various buddies, it's truly a monstrosity, i don't think any two parts are technically compatible. i'm getting up early to ride to uni and riding home by longer routes at night as well as hitting the gym in the day as time allows. on the weekends i'm trying to knock out 8-10 hours and to investigate the tail end of the winter seasonal stouts

there's something really refreshing about riding from A to B as opposed to riding for 300k or for 6 hours. it's nice not to look at your watts and its always rewarding to ride a beater bike past a guy on deep dish carbon wheels. it's about finding out what cycling is about which is being outside, pedalling and enjoying the view.

on the negative side my office is not going to be the nicest place to be a the end of the week as the laundry piles up, and the porridge oats, nuts and raisins in my cupboard probably don't make the basis of a varied diet.

big things are coming for team traveller, stay tuned and expect some announcements in the next week or so and please, please get over to pleasefund.us and contribute to the project. we've had hugely generous donations so far and we're working on incorporating our team stakeholders into the process of deciding our calendar and race schedule but no donation is too small, it's about having a stake in the sport and investing in the riders as people and the future of the sport, not the riders as products and clinging onto the past (treating people badly is the same, no matter whether you wrap it in funky golf socks or not).

so stay tuned and stay smiling 2012 is going to be great

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