Wednesday, 18 January 2012

t shirt time

There comes a time in every man's life when he gets fired for wearing a t-shirt (frankly anyone who has seen me sans t shirt knows that that is far more offensive). What distinguishes the good men from the great men is a) whether the t shirt in question was pink and b) what he does with said t shirt.
After a lot of negotiating with various companies I've come up with a few t shirt designs of my own, the idea being to boomerang all that negativity in a positive direction; namely diabetes research and giving to an organisation that ACTUALLY benefits diabetic people. so you can improve your fashion credibility, decrease your laundry frequency and maybe your donation will be the one which helps find the cure.

thanks to my people at I've come up with a few designs. I'd like to get your feed back in the form of email ( on the design and we'll begin taking orders very soon. all the profit generated will go to the JDRF, there will be no BMW driving business class flying CEOs here. the same is true for all the products from diabetees and they can print their (awesome) designs on any apparel. I'll be getting a few, I'm all about owning the 'betes and what better way to say that your pancreas isn't getting you down then plastering the message across your chest? And what's more, the shirts come in a
very slim and narrow cut” so maybe they might actually fit my t-rex upper body?

anyway here are the t shirt mocks - feedback, via email or comments appreciated

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