Wednesday, 29 February 2012

An inspiring story

Thanks to Jeremy who entered my competition from the UK. His story is really inspiring and exactly he sort of thing I've been looking for. It's the sort of straight up no BS hard work, dedication and devotion which we can all learn from. It's also an ample illustration that you don't buy success, you go out and earn it. Thanks to Extreme endurance we're going to try and get some prizes to Jeremy. After his story you'll see my review of their latest product, a lactate buffering pre race drink. I hope reading about great achievements, great people and great products gets you through the wednesday blues. if not i suggest you indulge in some of these bad boys, and some insulin, about 4 units should cover it.

Jeremy's story

I've always had an interest in cycling, and for many years had ridden for pleasure & commuting to work. I thought that I was 'ok' but had resigned myself to never being world champion because I was a big bloke. I was pretty content with that.
Then something happened to pretty much turn my way of living, and whole view of just how I live upside down.

In Sept' 2009 I was diagnosed as a type II diabetic. My doctor & diabetic nurse were pretty good, but made it clear that I needed to make some changes or things were going to go downhill fast. The first thing I changed was obviously my diet. lots of changes, and even now I find this aspect really hard. The second change was to give up drinking. I'd always been a pretty social bloke, loved a pint or two with the lads etc. The thing was that this had gotten to be a bit out of hand, so again big change.

The third part of the plan was to get a bit more serious about biking. I dragged the work bike out & committed to commuting + a few extra loops and weekend longer rides.

I had an old steel Colnago frame & forks in the garage that had been sat waiting for a rebuild, and whilst I wasn't in a position to lavish it with a dream build, I decided that it deserved to be back on the road and getting some more miles into it. over the spring I collected up all the parts I needed, and slowly put it all together. compromises were made for the sake of practicality, but it was going to be my 'best bike' so I tried to do it justice. The final touches were a white saddle & white bar tape. Something the old roadies I knew reserved for the best bike.

In the mean time I'd been increasing my mileage and fitness, and at the same time shedding weight.

From the first trip out on the rebuilt bike I knew I'd done the right thing. Bright, crisp day, climbing up through a wooded valley in North Devon, feeling fit, bike all working perfectly, I could barely fit the grin in with out loosening my helmet strap!

Now as the year comes to a close, I don't ever want to go back to how things were. I've lost about 3 1/2 stone, completed a Triathlon in the top 1/3 of the results table, quite happily ride out on a Sunday morning for 70 or so miles at a decent pace with club cyclists.
I've bought bike kit with an S on the label. Never thought that would happen. The Colnago is truly a joy, and will get upgraded as finance allows.

I've been following you on Twitter and it was good to know that there were diabetics out there racing and getting on with life. Not something i'd ever had to think about before, but an inspiration to someone dealing with the lifestyle changes that i was going through.

At my last check up everything was heading in the right direction. Weight down, Blood Pressure down, Cholestrol Down Hba1C down. I'm intending to keep it that way!

It means so much to me now to be fit & well and to of rediscovered a love for life, including cycling.guess that this is as good a time of year as any other to reflect on the past 12 months.

extreme endurance xecute

As we know, i'm a little but fussy about what i eat. especially what i eat an hour before i go out and ride around in circles as fast as i can chasing people wearing spandex covered in pictures of candy . normally i don't really eat for 4 hours before a crit, i just cut my basal and use gels/ mix as needed. The combination of nerves spiking my sugars and a stomach which is missing a piece thanks to privatised helathcare, food doesn't really seem like my friend at that time. Also crits happen in LA, and so do chicken and waffles and you need to work up an appetite.

However recently Justin from extreme endurance contacted me about xecute, despite the name it will not get you headless (i'm wondering if the next product in line is energy gellotine?) nor will it leave you for dead. Rather it promises to buffer lactic acid by giving your body a source of lactate to start digesting before you do so by riding as hard as your little legs will allow. clever.

i'm not going to go into the science, you can check it out here but long story short, i've used this for 2 races. both crits, both hard. i drank it 90 minutes before both races and, despite it's chocolate flavour (which is nowhere near as chalky as many "chocolate" drinks) it seemed to clear from my stomach pretty rapidly and didn't leave me bloated or sick. In the races i noted a difference, as always in the early season i was running a bit high, but i didn't feel the same leg burn i normally do. It seems to give me a better range of sugars to play with. if i have perfect control this means i also have a better ability to clear lactate, this means my legs hurt less. or, i can make them hurt the same amount but i'll go faster. yeah that sounds like a better idea.

It's not like this stuff will turn a donkey into a racehorse but it made this donkey a little more Thoroughbred. I've tried a lot of sports nutrition products and (as you may have noted with the sponsors on previous teams) i tend not to blog about them unless it hink they're worth your money and they are the sort of thing i would put in my own body. This stuff passes both those tests, it also tastes like chocolate. so try some, and in the comments section, tell them you're type one, or that i sent you and see if they don't hook you up....

happy Wednesday

-yep typed it with my thumbs: they're what makes us better than apes


  1. I sho likes me some chicken & waffles to be sure, but if i can become less donkey-like performance-wise, and these 2 cool products can give me more control, count me in ! Thanks for the heads up....

  2. thanks guys plenty more stories where that oen came from. Keep 'em coming and for sure try out the XE, stuff's no shit legit!