Tuesday, 21 February 2012

mis en place

one of the best things I learned when working in a professional kitchen was the art of "mis en place" using free time to make things easier when you need to be fast later. The least useful thing i learned was "no you haven't hurt yourself that's just a burn".

It's my rest week this week and I've been getting up to some fun and games in the kitchen making quinoa energy bar bites, going to the farmers' market (Yup that picture is actually from our farmer's market, it's AMAZING) and chopping and freezing lots of fruit and veg. I've cleaned the bike, mixed up some secret recovery potion. Checked over my lancets, insulin, pods and needles (not that i can get any more if i am running out!) and generally got my ducks in a row.

Mis en place works mentally as well, i'm concentrating on getting my thoughts in order, establishing what i want to achieve every day, in training, in life and with my diabetes. Trying new diet and insulin approaches. intervals and wattages and meeting new people and ,making new links, just like the mis en place I learned at the restaurant this gets easier the more you do it, you chop more peppers and fewer fingers.

Chopping things up into little chunks like this makes it much easier to see progress. if my goal is to talk to my dad twice a week not once, or to wake up below 120 i can see progress and i feel great. I think it's important to have goals, and work towards them and to celebrate the accomplishments you make each day. otherwise we can easily loose sight of the small victories along the route to a destination we may never reach. i'm working on a pretty exciting diabetes/social media project which i'll be sharing more about soon but this process of goal setting and achieving along the route to a bigger goal. like chopping things up into bite size pieces and combining them to make a great dish is a key part of it.

I've been beavering away at a few projects which are coming to fruition. one of which is my diabetes stories project which I'm going to publish a few entries of over the coming weeks, thanks to everyone who entered. i've made some very cool sponsor connections (expect reviews soon) oh and i've been pinning numbers onto zebra pattern lycra. Because i've got all my apples chopped and it's time to start Bakin' !


  1. What a delightful rest week post! And SoCal farmers markets kick the hell out of Colorado farmers markets... For now, at least.

  2. thank you kindly sir,
    we do have the perpetual spring thing going on rather nicely down here. This week featured bacon maple cookies, 3 types of avocado and a sack of grapefruit for 4 dollars. and a free tamale from the tamale lady as they closed down for the day. buying food from a person with a face, especially the person who grew/made it is something i miss from home. glad i found somewhere human to shop.