Wednesday, 15 February 2012

one hell of a day

I've had a mare today or to be more accurate things have conspired against me but people have conspired to make it all ok.

This morning i woke, to the happy hullabaloo created by a blackberry in full song and bounced along with my merry routine of brewing up some revolution roasters coffee and locating my thermos coffee mug thing which allows me to bring above body temperature beverages along in my bottle cage without risking a potential groin scalding or, far worse a coffee stain on my top tube.

Anyway, i set off to school happily touting my caffeine and coconut milk combo. Rocking out to some hardcore NPR i made it to about 2 miles from the uni when it all started to go a bit pete Tong. Sadly this doesn't mean NPR started playing dance tunes, but rather it stopped playing at all when my car engine, and electronics all cut out, in the middle lane of the motorway. arse.

i made my (less merry) way onto the hard shoulder where i called work and got someone to go and tell my students that, much to their disappointment, they wouldn't be enjoying another riveting role play of the gupta caste system today. My friend Matt Bigos happened to be driving by and stopped, being more mechanically inclined than I he correctly identified that my car wasn't going anywhere. The nice people from the highway patrol towed me into a local car park, where my friend/coach/fashion guru Jesse Eisner popped up with some coolant and a coffee. Another friend, Trina, came and took my mountainbike out of the car and took it to the fit studio. more on that later.

having killed an hour (and resisted the temptations of the bakery) at whole paycheck and taken full advantage of the free refill coffees the tow truck arrived and took me to my friends at SDPE, the guys took the audi into it's happy place (their garage) and they're currently looking her over. Here's hoping i can get to arizona this weekend!

at this point i was already late for my fit so i hit it pretty hard in order to get there in time, i'll blog on the fit tomorrow, long story short it was great, wonderful people, great space, good results and a great mix of science and art.

fitted and comfy i set out to burn off some tension on the roads of san diego. it looked pretty windy out there but i was (for the first time in over a week) experiencing what is, in the finest tradition of literal translation, often referred to as "good sensation". i made my (merrier) way out east at a cracking speed and, a bucketload of watts later, having spotted horner headed the other way. I turned at the high point of my ride to descend to the south before turning east to go home. the wind was definitley in my face, i had beene xpecting that. what i hadn't been expecting was that it started bouncing down with rain and the wind was aiming for a new 1 hour max power reading. I made it home, somehow i'd only eaten a bread pudding slice and a chewy bar since my pb and pumpkin sandwich at 9am. needless to say, i was so cold that i had been ignoring how low i was and i ended up palming (i really suffer from reduced circulation in the cold) some dextrose into my chattering teeth during the 30 minutes it took me to get my shoes undone before i could get into the shower.

All in, things didn't go well but, if people hadn't been there to help it could have been a lot lot worse. Now to take the wallet beating for the tow truck and getting the car fixed, anyone know anything fun to make out of oats, eggs and tuna?

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