Thursday, 29 March 2012

shamelessly selling stuff

the shoulder is healing less rapidly than expected, by by expected i mean hoped. it still hurts a lot, especially given my penchant for sleeping in the recovery position. I was using melatonin to get to sleep at night but it made me groggy in the day so i've stopped. now i'm using a combination of not looking at a screen for at least 60 mins before bed, and eating enough to get my bloodsugar to a place where i feel sleepy, then having my pod use a delayed bolus. Crafty aren't I?

I'm bummed to miss my trip north for spring break but the inability to race and the inability to pay aren't making it possible. On the plus side i'm off to DC on sunday for a diabetes meet up, stay tuned for more info but for now, read

it looks like i'm going to need to drop my own money on getting bikes and bodies unbroken as (predictably) the insurance is not coming through any quicker than bones heal. Thus i am flogging a LOT of stuff. if anything below interests you, hit me up. special prices for blog followers!

email is jamesstout at teamtraveller dot com

ultegra di2 52/39 175mm new take off -225

egromo power meter - crank based pm with chargers etc, kcnc red anodised chainrings 52/39 (rings are 86g - lighter than DA) 170mm fsa alloy cranks -700 obo

matrix hubs, carbon rims less than 100k ridden. gatorskin tubs shimano body

dérailleurs (accute accent, yup classy)
di2 front and rear, rear slightly scratched from leaning the bike on a wall, front so unused it still has the setup sticker on! - 900 the pair.

felt devox sl white and green saddle - 45 new take off
prologo scratch pro 134mm demo saddle - used - 60
slr team edition cutout - used - 40

bars / stems
felt devox 44cm wing top with green accents, alloy, new take off -45
felt devox black 110 6 degree New take off -25
forte 120mm 6 degree used - 15

PRO carbon cage used - 15
bontrager white alloy cage - used 10
red spesh ribcage, used lightly -15

look keo 2 grey pedals used but fine - 45

rudy project hard case for sportsmasks (works really well for any replacable lens glasses as it has 4 felt lens pockets) - 15

more images here;

Friday, 23 March 2012

customer service

You: hi, i would like to know my upgrade options as my plan is nealry finished
Michael A.: Your phone will be eligible for upgrade on May 01, 2012.
You: i understand it can be upgraded earlier
Michael A.: If you upgrade your phone before the upgrade eligibility date you will pay regular price of the phone.
You: the shop informed me that the upgrade could be bought foerward to mid April at the volition of the provider (Sprint)
Michael A.: yes, you can upgrade the phone by paying certain early upgrade fee (contract buyout fee). Early upgrade program is going on these days and is available only through Sprint store.
Michael A.: Also, the contract of your phone line #9601 will end on 01/08/2013.
Michael A.: I know your time is valuable and I would like to assist you in resolving any questions you have. Would you like to continue chatting with me today?
You: yes
You: i was told this would not be at an extra charge
You: i.e. for NO EXTRA CHARGE I could upgrade by mid April - given that this would be my third contract i think that this would be the least sprint could do as recognition of loyalty
Michael A.: Yes, you are right. You can upgrade the phone after April 18, 2012 and you will not pay any charges.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

injury update

i spent 3 hours at SDSM today, now normally i would be non too stoked at spending so much time inside on such a nice day. but the results were pretty positive all things considered. Doc richburg is hugely respected in the local cycling community, his walls are covered with signed photos of guys who could rip your legs off along with trophies and jerseys bearing testament to when they did just that to other guys who could rip your legs up. we're talking cuddly lions here.

Doc gave me a pretty thorough once over and sent me into the photobooth for my close up, unfortunatley i din't get to pose for the camera as they were more into my clavicle than my curves this time.

The prognosis is that i have an SC dislocation, a fairly uncommon shoulder injury. The internets tell us that such injuries "Require tremendous force, ie car accident," funny you should say that! Anyway the positive side is that i can do anything which doesn't hurt it. the negative side of that is that it would seem that brushing my teeth is off the cards for the foreseeable future. I'm going to have a lump there for a long time, it's going to hurt, a lot, and i have to be wary of crashing but it could be worse. full ROM will return and with any luck i'll be a little bit more aero ;)

As for the insurance company, i've heard nothing but i'm preparing an estimate for the bike, medical bills and other costs.

oh and i'm going to have pancakes with Lucas tomorrow!

PS - Marie sent me a care package from France last week, i have celebrated my relative good health with a carambar and some Nutella. Nutella contains skimmed milk you know (the label says so) and i'm pretty sure we can attribute my lexus denting bones to her kind contribution. my search for a decent baguette on which to spread said delectable delight still continues but halfway to heaven isn't too bad, right?

Sunday, 18 March 2012

pancaked in the pueblo

Although i would love this blog post to be about my friend Lucas' delicious teff flour pancakes which formed the basis of a particularly notable breakfast before this Saturday's Old Pueblo Grand Prix, it's not. It's about the gentleman in a lexus who made the event notable for other reasons. however, if you're in need of a gluten free breakfast, Luke's your man. and yes i put pb crave on them.

My race at OPGP was pretty lackluster, my stupid superlight super flexy and incredibly prone to hub damage dura ace wheels struck again. with 2 interior flats on the front, one on the ride to the race and the second on the TRAINER. once again both came form the interior on a rim tape with less than 1000 miles on it. i grabbed a wheel from the great guy's at Athlete's octane and hopped into the race, only to find after two laps that the freehub pawls in the rear were taking St Patrick's day off down the pub, or at least oen of them was, making sprinting out of corners something of a game of russian roulette, with worse odds. I pulled out took a wheel change and was returned to the race DFL, or about 50 feet behind the rider who was at that point DFL. I got back in just in time for three guys to stage a timed explosion routine which saw each of them get gapped off in successive laps. by the time firecracker number 4 exploded, i went down with him.

I was pretty angry so headed to gates' pass (one of my all time favourite climbs) and did some reps. on the way home i was putting in some start sprints and feeling ok, if not bummed about the race. having done my efforts and witht he wind behind me i was quietly rolling back when i looked up to see a silver car rapidly traversing my path. rubber met the rim but i had to moderate the stoppers to avoid flying over the bars. Then bars met car and james took a trip through the air. next thing i recall is lying on the ground and telling someone to call an ambulance. i remeber people speaking in Spanish and me speaking back to them, it hink this was perhaps the biggest shock of the vening for them, i looked very white lying there in the twilight in zebra print spandex.

The ambulance came and so did a huge fire engine, i didn't want a ride to the ER as i knew i could never have paid for it. The driver admitted fault and said he would pay my bills himself, no insurance needed. great i thought. Fast forward to today, i call him and get no response, later i text him the cost of my copay and a guess at equipment damage. he says ok, then later tells me he's going via insurance. So i call his insurance and find that he had already informed them less than an hour after, he was just playing me along to try to avoid me getting a report from the ER classy.

we drove back today and i am going to see the doctors at SDSM tomorrow. my SC joint is swollen likely contused and sprained. i have a cut on my face (fear not ladies it's not too bad) and a bit of bruising to both hips and knees. On the plus side I saw a really big fire truck really close, luke bought me cider and i think we can safely say that my dura ace wheels have been forcibly removed from my racing arsenal. i found a green st Patrick's day hat as well. Oh and there's one less undented lexus out there.

And the guys at allstate were genuinely pleasant when i called and seemed sincere int heir wellwishes. i'm not a person who tries to harm other people and i don't want to be a person who sues people. but i'm not getting deeper into debt so lexus drivers can continue reversing as they please.

i'll keep you posted

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

being yourself

i'm pretty angry tonight, i have just slammed a student for plagiarism, for the second time this quarter. And tot op that off genius is gravitating towards songs featuring Phil Collins. I just don't get it. Once, maybe just maybe you could unwittingly reproduce something you read without realising but TWICE, it's rude and dishonest. And Phil, the same thing applies, once would be understandable...

the day before this i was at the food bank picking up food for the week, the lady in front of me in the queue was wearing a cover over her head, not a hijab but a towel, i'm pretty sure this wasn't religion i'm pretty sure this was shame.

Both of these incidents struck me with the same fundamental question; how can you be that uncomfortable with who you are and what you think. how can you be that ashamed of your ability to write that you feel the need to copy someone else. Surely at that point you're missrepresenting yourself and you need to take some time to learn how to write rather than passing yourself off as having sufficient abilities to take the class. The same applies to covering your face at the food bank. Surely everyone knows how hunger feels, surley nobody worth caring about would judge you for being there?

i think in both these cases it's not so much the individual who was to blame. its society or the perception of society that these individuals have, they feel that other people are judging them based not on who they are but on these false criteria; what classes you're taking. how you pay for your food. Honestly i don't feel any need to hide that I'm really not very well off, i didn't get ANY wages for a year and i don't have the kind of savings to bail me out of that so yes, i often find myself at the food bank. it's better than being hungry.

Furthermore i think it's important for those of us who have the chance to influence others to show that it's not important what you have but who you are. Just the same as with the diabetes, if I hide my diabetes and i'm ashamed of it then i make it a weakness, if i feel weak and insecure about it it becomes something which others see as a weakness. If i take ownership of it, i can make it a strength.

So just a short blog post today but next time you find yourself judging someone, take some time to find out who they are not what they have. Believe me i know many more good, intelligent people without money or degrees than those who are both the former and have both the latter, in fact the very few people I've come across in my life whom i really think are bad people (as opposed to people doing bad things) generally have money AND education in buckets.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

good products good people

as the season is getting under way i'll be introducing some of the people who have been committing to helping out me as a person and us as a team. Alongside extreme endurance, cyclismas and the food bank today's featured friend is pb crave.

these giys fit in with my approach to life on two counts; 1) they make PEANUT BUTTER, anyone who knows me know's that i actually literally always carry an emergency supply of pb on my person at all times. It's healthy, yummy and the fat/protein helps to slow down carb digestion a bit. sweet poato with pb is one of my pocket favourites right now.

2) they are helping out with malnutrition in infants (video here which is perhaps amongst the most worthy causes going. nobody deserves to stare in a world where there is a surfeit of food. WHile we have issues with obesity and food waste our brothers and sisters go to bed hungry every night. I won't labour the point and for sure the solution doesn't lie in fortified peanut butter but in global change, but awareness and short term relief certainly are steps in the right direction.

the stuff also tastes straight up yummy. i've been on the road a bit this week and the cvookie nookie and chocolate chip flavours are fulfilling my need for sweets! the rasberry and banana flavours are back home, waiting for me. They definitley provide a pretty solid boost to my spread arsenal (alongside natural pb, almond butter, nutella and speculoos). i'd encourage you to give it a shot.

i'm in tucson right now. lamenting a flat tyre, the absence of a team car and trying to compensate for 3100 kj of chasing with a tamale.

stay safe and keep the inspiring stories coming in - jamesstout at teamtraveller dot com