Friday, 23 March 2012

customer service

You: hi, i would like to know my upgrade options as my plan is nealry finished
Michael A.: Your phone will be eligible for upgrade on May 01, 2012.
You: i understand it can be upgraded earlier
Michael A.: If you upgrade your phone before the upgrade eligibility date you will pay regular price of the phone.
You: the shop informed me that the upgrade could be bought foerward to mid April at the volition of the provider (Sprint)
Michael A.: yes, you can upgrade the phone by paying certain early upgrade fee (contract buyout fee). Early upgrade program is going on these days and is available only through Sprint store.
Michael A.: Also, the contract of your phone line #9601 will end on 01/08/2013.
Michael A.: I know your time is valuable and I would like to assist you in resolving any questions you have. Would you like to continue chatting with me today?
You: yes
You: i was told this would not be at an extra charge
You: i.e. for NO EXTRA CHARGE I could upgrade by mid April - given that this would be my third contract i think that this would be the least sprint could do as recognition of loyalty
Michael A.: Yes, you are right. You can upgrade the phone after April 18, 2012 and you will not pay any charges.

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