Tuesday, 20 March 2012

injury update

i spent 3 hours at SDSM today, now normally i would be non too stoked at spending so much time inside on such a nice day. but the results were pretty positive all things considered. Doc richburg is hugely respected in the local cycling community, his walls are covered with signed photos of guys who could rip your legs off along with trophies and jerseys bearing testament to when they did just that to other guys who could rip your legs up. we're talking cuddly lions here.

Doc gave me a pretty thorough once over and sent me into the photobooth for my close up, unfortunatley i din't get to pose for the camera as they were more into my clavicle than my curves this time.

The prognosis is that i have an SC dislocation, a fairly uncommon shoulder injury. The internets tell us that such injuries "Require tremendous force, ie car accident," funny you should say that! Anyway the positive side is that i can do anything which doesn't hurt it. the negative side of that is that it would seem that brushing my teeth is off the cards for the foreseeable future. I'm going to have a lump there for a long time, it's going to hurt, a lot, and i have to be wary of crashing but it could be worse. full ROM will return and with any luck i'll be a little bit more aero ;)

As for the insurance company, i've heard nothing but i'm preparing an estimate for the bike, medical bills and other costs.

oh and i'm going to have pancakes with Lucas tomorrow!

PS - Marie sent me a care package from France last week, i have celebrated my relative good health with a carambar and some Nutella. Nutella contains skimmed milk you know (the label says so) and i'm pretty sure we can attribute my lexus denting bones to her kind contribution. my search for a decent baguette on which to spread said delectable delight still continues but halfway to heaven isn't too bad, right?


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  2. Hope you're pain free soon.
    That's got me thinking - I'm sue I remember seeing a jar of Nutella lurking at the back of the larder - feel a midnight snack coming on ....