Thursday, 29 March 2012

shamelessly selling stuff

the shoulder is healing less rapidly than expected, by by expected i mean hoped. it still hurts a lot, especially given my penchant for sleeping in the recovery position. I was using melatonin to get to sleep at night but it made me groggy in the day so i've stopped. now i'm using a combination of not looking at a screen for at least 60 mins before bed, and eating enough to get my bloodsugar to a place where i feel sleepy, then having my pod use a delayed bolus. Crafty aren't I?

I'm bummed to miss my trip north for spring break but the inability to race and the inability to pay aren't making it possible. On the plus side i'm off to DC on sunday for a diabetes meet up, stay tuned for more info but for now, read

it looks like i'm going to need to drop my own money on getting bikes and bodies unbroken as (predictably) the insurance is not coming through any quicker than bones heal. Thus i am flogging a LOT of stuff. if anything below interests you, hit me up. special prices for blog followers!

email is jamesstout at teamtraveller dot com

ultegra di2 52/39 175mm new take off -225

egromo power meter - crank based pm with chargers etc, kcnc red anodised chainrings 52/39 (rings are 86g - lighter than DA) 170mm fsa alloy cranks -700 obo

matrix hubs, carbon rims less than 100k ridden. gatorskin tubs shimano body

dérailleurs (accute accent, yup classy)
di2 front and rear, rear slightly scratched from leaning the bike on a wall, front so unused it still has the setup sticker on! - 900 the pair.

felt devox sl white and green saddle - 45 new take off
prologo scratch pro 134mm demo saddle - used - 60
slr team edition cutout - used - 40

bars / stems
felt devox 44cm wing top with green accents, alloy, new take off -45
felt devox black 110 6 degree New take off -25
forte 120mm 6 degree used - 15

PRO carbon cage used - 15
bontrager white alloy cage - used 10
red spesh ribcage, used lightly -15

look keo 2 grey pedals used but fine - 45

rudy project hard case for sportsmasks (works really well for any replacable lens glasses as it has 4 felt lens pockets) - 15

more images here;

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