Sunday, 29 April 2012

Bikes 'betes and bad luck

I went to a movie premiere on Friday night. Yup I'm that glam. Actually I'm not I won the tickets on the radio but nonetheless it was fun to pretend for a while. Here's us in front of some kind of celebrity looking banners

I haven't been winning much on the bike recently. Last week I threw my chain in a race got it stuck under the srm sensor and lost minutes getting it back on. I had a good race the next day but ultimately came away with 25th in the sprint: inches from the winner but miles from the win.

This Saturday I made another diabetes snafu. We went out to eat before the race and they bought everything we ordered apart from my food they kept saying it was coming but it never did and eventually I just got my money back and left. I tried to eat some sweet potato before the race but I really screwed the pooch. We'd got to Ed late and. It eaten much in the way of cho at dinner. My glycogen must've been low as I didn't get any bounce from the potato. I started the race with some active insulin on board and we went balls out on the first climb, all the gels I took in weren't helping and I got dropped. Dogged it back on. Went high got dropped rose hard to get back went low and had enough I was in a world of suffering 32 miles into 80 and all I wanted was to be normal, to not have to worry about what when and how much I ate. To not have to stick needles into me every day.

The film I saw was called I am not a hipster it was about. Guy reflecting on the futility of the "scene" surrounding indie music. I kind of felt the same way yesterday. Why am I here? What are we doing and who cares?

Fortunately I booked some flights for the Dominican republic in June to do some racing and advocacy work. That's what Im doing with this bike stuff and that's why I'm there. Failing. So other people don't have to.

I'm going to try some unreconstructed out of date insulin soon. I just bought it and I can't presume to help with what I don't understand so the n=1 study of regular insulin in 100 mile road races begins this week. That's what I'm doing here. And Ayuda ( have been furnishing me with info knowledge and tools. There are still countries where post diagnosis life expectancy is 12 months so that covers why I'm doing it and who cares.

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