Wednesday, 4 April 2012

playing with my food

Playing with words is fun, especially when you get to combine two existing words to make one super hybrid word. I imagine this is how evil scientists feel when creating lazer salmon and other such creatures which can benefit the future of mankind. I too have been researching, although I tend to do my research in tight fighting garish lycra rather than lab coats.
My latest hybrid word is “yamwich” technically it’s a misnomer. Yams are bloody huge – like the size of a small child. What I’m actually doing is using a sweet potato, to make a sandwich. Some people call them yams, thus yamwich. This has become my stock training food of late, I simply can’t afford to buy bars right now and these offer a pretty solid calories:cost:nutrition ratio. The recipe is pretty simple, take sweet potato microwave a bit then finish it off baking in an oven. Once it’s done (and I suggest making batches) then you can dress it up however you’d like but lets face it you can’t beat peanut butter and honey, with cinnamon.
I’ve been really struggling with early morning rides recently, since getting hit by a car I’ve been slowly trying to get back on the bike but it seems like my cortisol levels are always sky high. This really affects me in the morning when I cant seem to find the right breakfast. What I’ve ended up doing is A) not drinking coffee unless it’s right before I ride, chamois coffee! B) not eating carbs when I wake up until directly before I ride and c) only suspending my basal to 50% about 45 mins before I ride. I was doing 20% 2 hours out.
The basal ideas came when some tea leaf laid hands on my insulin pump (clearly thinking it was a phone) while I was on a high temp basal, leaving me with no choice but to ride with a high level of insulin on board. I did feel like a little pig on the ride but I made it work and recovered better. Every cloud has a silver lining (apart from for that guy, unless he really needed two used aaa batteries) .
I try to eat something pretty slow digesting but also light for breakfast, before I was eating oats or other grains as porridge but I’ve now moved to pancakes with coconut flour and protein powder in the mix or to eating eggs when I wake up and then eating one of my yamwichs or a pb and j right before the ride. This seems to work pretty well in terms of not having me at 300 for long periods. The lag time of the high level basal covers the carbs from the sweet potato and gives my body enough time to switch on insulin independent uptake of carbs whilst I ride.
We’ve been supplementing this with a healthy fruit intake from a loquat tree we found near one of our regular rides and a grapefruit tree which required some lycra clad acrobatics in order to access its goodies. But not to be discouraged myself and my “training” partners engaged in a spot of human pyramid action which likely dispelled any stereotypes about men in spandex with shaved legs. Sadly shoulder injuries prevented me from taking my proper place in the pyramid but spectating was equally amusing, if less embarrassing.
The car incident is clearly still impacting my body, I feel sleepy a lot and my right eye seems to twitch sometimes. We’ve moved my bars down a cm or more to cope with the narrowing of my shoulders. And my suit doesn’t fit. I’m hoping to be able to race again in a week which will be 3 weeks post impact, but we’ll see. The painkillers are not my friend, they bloat me out and ruin my digestion, they leave my body holding onto fluid but always thirsty. I don’t like them at all, I’m looking at some natural alternatives, I like the idea but not the cost!

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