Wednesday, 23 May 2012


As of late, I've noticed quite a trend towards the use of GPS based pseudo-racing social websites such as Strava. I recently got  anew telephone and joined Strava, i have lots of followers, and 3 rides logged. This isn't because i don't ride very much, i ride every day. For me, there are several reasons why i don't use Strava:
1) it EATS batteries, not an issue if you only ride for 2 hours but if you're out for 6 hours and you want to (god forbid) use your telephone to actually telephone someone in the event of an emergency, it doesn't make sense. Obviously this isn't an issue for the people who have GPS based cycling computers.

2) it encourages irresponsible behavior, if there's a red light on your segment, and you shoot it in order to get a personal best, nobody else know's you're "racing" (mainly because you aren't racing) and they aren't going to get out of your way. When you pay to race, you pay for closed roads, marshals and an ambulance. I'd wager you don't train with any of the above.

3) it encourages douchebaggery of the highest order. I saw somebody on a group ride today spring out of the group on a pretty insignificant climb, having used the speed and draft of the other riders to claim a KOM. Not only is this dishonest, we have a sprint at  the end of the ride, we can all see who wins it.No need to take it to the internet.

4) this is my final, and most salient onbjection; ride's aren't about meters ascended, kjs burned, kilometers covered or average wattages. they're about the story, about the epic. nobody talks about that time Contador rode at 7 w/kg up alpe d'huez or how many Kilojoules pe rhour Eddy Merckx could burn. but everybody recalls Merckx riding people of his wheel at roubaix, the time Cancellara rode past the field like a group of cyclotourists at e3 or when Bettini won a race,sobbing, in his new rainbow jersey, just days after the loss of his brother . What makes a ride epic isn't the statistic it's the story, and a picture speaks a thousand words, right? To that end, i'm posting a picture for every ride i do on instagram. I find this a far less battery hungry application which tends to reward an eye for the beautiful in the mundane, not an ability to run red lights and draft buses. You can find my photographic musings here i'm going to start using a hashtag as well, i'm open to suggestions.

keep riding, stay safe and capture the stories, not the stats

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