Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hip, not cool

Just when I thought I'd got ll the bad luck out of my system, I found a reserve of I'll fortune of unprecedented size on which to draw.

I love the Midwestern crit stage races in the summer. Great people, fun courses, long evenings full of quality racing and questionable beer. Big purses and my annual visits to the Alterra coffee shop in Milwaukee. Sadly all this got cut a bit short this year,, where I had a whole month of non atop racing planned I now have a month of non stop resting.

I'd love to go into detail about what happened but I'm not entirely sure. I was getting into the bunch after a flat. Going about 35 and next thing I knew I was on the deck. My crank arm Es threaded, front wheel folded and my elbow hurt. I manged to walk over to the med tent and get some dressings (in team colours no less) and tried to get back into the race. But I'd missed too many laps and, although nothing else hurt I couldn't roll off the table. Perhaps the most entertaining part of the evening came in the form of the spectator who. Upon seeing my skin suit pulled down to reveal a pretty mangled left hip promptly lost consciousness! I have that effect on ladies sometimes.

I managed to crutch home and took some ibuprofen and melatonin. Hints got worse the next day when I woke up and it became pretty clear I was stranded in bed. Two hours and a fair few squeals later I made it to the edge of the bed, stood up, and passed out. I called my hosts and they helped me back into bed and called an ambulance. I won't bore you with the details but the people in the hospital were exemplary. Time passed in a morphine and fentanyl Induced haze. Cat scans and x rays confirmed two pelvic fractures and a chipped radial head. Once I'd demonstrated an ability to stand and retain consciousness and to consume some kind of bacon and cheese based pastry (bacon cures all known ills, aside from those affecting Jewish or Muslim people, who I honestly think would get along much better if they would just sit down over a porcine breakfast) they unleashed me on the parking lot in a wheelchair and, once I'd thoroughly pissed of all the drivers by doing a few hot laps, they decided to get rid of me.

No night in hospital, that's a bonus. Not least as I have two ambulance rides (Er and transfer) and a multitude of scans to pay for.

Jeff and Marcia were exemplary hosts and their kids were the most charming nurses imaginable. They set up a bed, donated their wii and covered my boring crutches in dinosaur stickers.

I'm flying back to San Diego now, being at a race and not riding was getting to me. I feel awful about letting my teammates down and all the people who came out to watch. But I'm trying to relax, keep my sugars down and recover in time to refocus for August and the rest of the season. Maybe some of that dairyland milk will help heal my broken bones!

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