Wednesday, 6 June 2012

island update

apparently the old i phone didn't post this while i was IN the dr, so here is a retroactive insight into what i was up to, more to come! 

I've found myself with ten minutes to spare and a wifi connection so here is te most rapid of updates.
Here in the dr I am helping to promote an event called @ganemosle a 10k and 5k run and walk for diabetes. More than that were doing a media blitz, to promote the event and it's message. What matters here is to tell people that there is no stigma and that with diabetes you can achieve whatever you want, but that a lack of knowledge is as fatal as a lack of medication. I'm here to share some of the things I've learned, through years of trying, and failing, on my own.

Our days are pretty full and this is no holiday on the beach. Up at six for breakfast tv and radio, to bed in the small hours after dinner and some of the local hospitality. Everyone here is really pulling together, these guys run companies and countries and yet were all in a very sweaty room pinning bin numbers to timing chips.

I had two hours for a ride yesterday. Fun and fear have never been so effectively combined. Potholes which you would need a mining license for back home. Multiple minibus Madison sessions and a national contest which appears to challenge individuals to fit as many pineapples as possible on a single moped.

Against my better Instincts I seem to have been renters for the race. I've only got flip flops here and haven't run outside of a cross race for three years and even then it's kind of a muddy waddle. Oh well it's for a good cause, right? I also have a ride to do on Saturday night, more my scene.

I wish I had time to share more with you and in time I will. For now stay tuned to the twitter and whenever I get wifi, I'll be documenting our efforts to make a real change to real lives. If just one child sees what we are doing and changes their outlook, if we can make one horizon broader or one dream closer to reality then it will all be worthwhile. And If I have to run
10k to do that, then So be it.

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"If you tolerate this then your children will be next"

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