Friday, 6 July 2012

Asking the big questions, and giving the small answers

In my convalesence, i have been chatting to lots of my sponsors and people whom i rely upon for support which my crutch can't provide. I have also been growing plants from seeds (i'd forgotten how much fun that is), playing my harmonica with one arm, narrowly avoiding drowning and calling it aqua running, drinking more wine than i should and not as much water as i ought to, reading more novels than i should and writing fewer papers than i ought to. I've been skyping left right and center and lamenting the lack of an oven in my new place. I have discovered good tequila, rediscovered bad beer, and for a brief time allowed myself to forget about drink mix and gels.

I've also been musing on just how wonderful the himan body is. When i crashed 15 days ago I pretty much destroyed a $15,000 dollar bicycle. it's scrap now (or at best a very garish decoration). But my body, which is equally broken, just needs a few weeks of rest, lots of sleep and the right nutrition and it will fix itself, by itself. no glue, no soldering nothing. That's pretty amazing, we harp on about how wonderful our iphone 17 is and how the latest laptop turns on the heating before you get home and has a boiled kettle waiting for you in the morning. but it can't make itself better when you use that kettle to make tea which you spill on said laptop (yes Gabbi i'm looking at you). The best thing of all about bodies is that we all get one and they are free, we just have to look after them.

 We've come up with a few ideas to help push the diabetes education side of things while i'm off the bike. I feel that if i have all this time i should use it to help people as best i can. To that end, one of our projects was a Q and A session on diabetes and exercise nutrition in general (even for people with fully functioning pancreases [pancrei?]). I seem to get lots of the same questions from people (lots of these pertain to being diabetic and an athlete, and aren't always from diabetic people, so if you have questions like that, please feel free to ask). It doens't matter if you're diabetic and know nothign about bike racing, a bike racer and know nothing about diabetes or if youre neither and you're just curious. increasing net knowledge is the goal here.

My friends over at extreme endurance have offered to help. With our phenomenal social butterfly powers we can reach out to experts in the world of sports nutrition, diabetes healthcare and endurance sports.

What we need from you, loyal blog reading people, is a bit of interaction. You can post your questions here as a comment or email them to and while you're spending time on the internet, please make your way over here and check out the other diabetes education efforts that I am working on with AYUDA. This is a cause really close to my heart and one that i hope people will consider supporting with their time, their money or just bu spreading the word.

Stop sitting there and get in touch!

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