Monday, 6 August 2012

spreading the good news

Have you ever shouted boomshakala in a public place? i have.

I just got a call from my doctor, he says i can ride again tomorrow. Not in groups and no racing but i can ride my bike. I am so excited, like i've just got a furby when all the other kids got books and knitted jumpers.  Now admittedly i'm sure i won't be shredding right when i get back on the fact i imagine i'll be suffering on a quite monumental scale but at this point after six weeks away from my bike i just want to be outside, i just want to be moving, to be feeling the wind brushing past my cheeks (which i can now shave without worrying about the sea water chafing them). I can't wait to be properly hungry and properly tired again and to be able to eat carbs without feeling like crap right after. I'm excited to visit my old routes, maybe the plants are less green after 6 weeks without rain, maybe the singletrack is cracked and dusty. maybe the rivers are drier and the rabbits which were babies are bigger. that's all to be discovered, all things i've missed.

The next few weeks will be hard, every ride will hurt but every ride i will get stronger, make gains and progress. I'll be behind the guys i was ahead of before, but i'll catch them, and then i'll drop them. I'm lucky, the same process that healed a broken spine in six weeks bounces back from hard riding and comes back stronger, better. Now, more than ever i have realised that what i enjoy about ths sport is not just the competition, it's nice to win but i don't get to do it that often any more. It's the journey, the process. The pilgrims on the camino de santiago whom i stayed with last year wished each other buen camino every day "good travel" or maybe "good roads" now, more than ever i feel that way abotu riding my bike. the joy is in the journey in taking your body and moulding it, shaping it pushing it and letting it bounce back. I just don't get that kind of fulfillment from much else, that feeling of building something and those positive feedback responses.

I have learned a lot about myself and about my body by not riding as well. I've never struggled with my blood sugars so much because i've never been sedentary, not since i can recall. But that was a positive experience, i can help people now, the process of transitioning from high to low basal and low to high insulin sensitivity will be another new one for me and another learning curve i can help people walk.

i want to write more but i have a beer to drink and a chain to clean