Monday, 13 August 2012

weekend wonderfulness

It's Sunday night, my skin feels prickly from sunburn, I've drunk more water than i ever thought possible and still feel thirsty. I haven't seen a bloodsugar above 180 all day and I'm hungry. Nothing beats the feeling of a good, hard couple of days on the bike. Just being outside for a solid 11 hours over two days in the sun and the wind makes me feel so much more alive. Exercise really is the cure for most things that ail you; i feel happier, sleep better, have better sugar control and eat more regularly. 

What I've missed most about riding is the journey. cycling is unique in that it's as much travel as sport, as my team's name suggests we are as much travelers as athletes. I love the things i see and the people i meet out on the road. Just this weekend i ran into friends i haven't seen for over 18 months, met people riding their first 100 mile ride. Rode with a kid who was rocking a pink dinosaur horn and bumped into someone at a BBQ who i'd met on the road two years before and remembered me thanks to the little box on my arm. That's a lot of people to come into and out of my world (and then back into it) in a 48 hour period. The great thing is we all share the pleasure of riding, the joy of being outside, of covering ground and of feeling tired, hungry and accomplished afterwards. 

I'm not going fast at the moment, but i still feel the same. I've missed being hungry, I've missed being tired. Not  exhausted but a little burn when i go up flights of stairs, and a solid eight hours of shut eye every night along with a good nap in between lunch and working. I've been busy when i haven't been riding and i have achieved a lot, but the feeling of having drained yourself makes sleep and food more desirable, working on the computer more tolerable and life entirely more enjoyable.

What's more i'm planning a road trip to do what makes me happy most. Head out on a poorly planned and completely unbudgeted trip to somewhere incredibly beautiful to ride my bike a lot, to sleep on sofas and under the stars, meet new people, eat new food and ride new roads. Maybe i'll bump into some people who are reading this, i hope to be able to share my experiences with all of you. It's been too long since my last adventure. 

Right now i feel like i did as a kid, going on rides with no power goals, no time goals, no intervals. just going out and riding and then when i'm tired i sit down, have a sandwich and ride home. I've bonked like a complete novice, smiled like a loon at the feeling of going 50mph and the wind brushing past my face, I've cursed at punctures and  unzipped my jersey to bear my snow white chest to the californai sun. I don't really care if i am not going fast or winning races, i'm having great fun riding my bike. 

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