Saturday, 13 October 2012

fast, fun and good for you.

I am tempted to write a really vindictive blog post, I want to set a few things straight with all the stuff which has occured in the last few weeks. Chiefly the appeals for sympathy. i'm sorry but these guys didn't HAVE to cheat, they chose to. and before you feel sorry for them feel sorry for the guys who never got a chance because they never crossed a line. I don't want to say any more about it because enough has already been said and there's still a lot more to be said.

You'll have noticed there are a few little maxims at the top of my blog. Admittedly one is HTFU, i'm a big fan of the old HTFU, thus the huge bag of HTFU bands in my (not quite so huge) kitchen (which you can buy in order to support diabetes education in resource poor settings). But underneath that there are some other ones which I've been trying to stick to recently. The riding fast is coming along, not quite there yet but it's getting there. The having fun is something I try to make part of every day. The latter two have been the source of some fun, some busyness and lots and lots of thinking time. I've been busy recently, really busy but i have some exciting news as a product of the busyness.

In partnership with the bigbluetest and the diabetes hands foundation i have received a grant to work with native American people in Arizona.  We'll be spreading the message of exercise, healthy eating and bicycle riding. not only can it improve your blood glucose control, weight management and bodyfat percentage it can also make you happier. Taking a pilot project of a few participants and getting them into shape to complete el tour de Tucson in 2013. I get the privilege of introducing people to the thing that makes me happiest in all the world. Nothing gives me more energy than seeing people discovering the feeling of speed, freedom and movement that i get from riding a bike. When we're little kids we all love riding bikes, then we grow up and we get serious about things. We stop going out for bike rides just because it's fun to balance on something that is inherently unstable. Many of us stop moving at all,  we lose touch with our bodies and we lose touch with how much fun we can have with them. Those of us who keep moving feel the need to quantify it, to call it training not playing. To give it a purpose with races and events and to deny the childlike pleasure that it can bring.

As i spoke about on cyclismas riding bikes is great, it remains great despite the fact that some people are willing to cheat to do it a little faster. I love riding bikes and i won't cease doing so just because some people can't work out that we ride bikes primarily because it's fun. There is a lot of seriousness in the world. And we don't need to take bike riding from the world of fun to the world of serious. Bike riding is good for you and taking what's good for you and making it about hiding vials of illegal drugs in the back of your fridge isn't going to make it any more fun or any better for you.

What is serious is health and if we can take something fun and we can make it benefit our health then we're going to have more success at both. Making being healthy fun and making having fun healthy is the key to keeping well in the long term. I'm hoping i can help share the fun that cycling brings to me each and every day and spread the positive benefits it brings to my bloodsugar control.

Thanks to Gopro we'll be sharing all the positive benefits, the fun rides, the adventures and the journey. they've been kind enough to give us some cameras to document the project so that we can share it and introduce everyone to the joy and positive health benefits that come from bike riding. So watch out for more video content on youtube.

We'll be announcing more about this project soon. But i hope it might provide something of a respite to all the drugs and drudgery which are dominating your cycling worlds right now. I suggest before you get dragged into ANOTHER subpoenaed testimony of another rider whining and claiming they were forced into doping, and you get down on the sport. go out on a bike ride, you'll feel better.

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