Sunday, 9 August 2015

I haven't written my blog for ages, but the only thing worse than intermittent blogs are intermittent blogs which apologize for being intermittent. So sorry i'm not sorry!

anyway, i wanted to write a tiny bit about the change from bike racing to non profit and the pleasure it brings me. One of my Yaqui friends posted a photo today. A photo of her, her son , her husband and her nephew going for a bike ride. It's not that remarkable, it's 5 Native American people in lycra on various bikes. But for some reason it made tear up . 4 years ago that wouldn't have happened and if all my friends hadn't helped as much as they have it wouldn't be happening. And the fact it happens means so much to me, to the community and to the health of those people and future generations.

It's hard to know how to feel, this means more to me than bike racing ever did. I've won bike races before, not many but some. but when i saw that picture the joy was far more profound than any pleasure i experienced in a skinsuit with a number on. Maybe it's because nobody had to be defeated for me to win, or maybe it's because it's not a victory that will be meaningless in 6 days. But I have never cried, or cared so deeply, about bike racing.

It's a funny feeling. I don't get to punch the air, or stand on an inverted box, or get kissed by two women in a weird sexualized ritual that upsets me, or spray crappy sparkling wine on my friends. And when i wake up tomorrow nobody's world will be any different and i can't clip the page out of the newspaper that reports my result, or send a photo to my granny. but somehow it still feels wonderful, because the results aren't a trophy or a cheque or a jersey. The results are people seeing their children grow up, Living happy, healthy lives and being empowered to stretch their horizons. I always took bike riding for granted until I saw that not everyone could. sharing that with them is the most special thing i have ever done, and the support that people who read this give me in doing that means an awful lot to me.

If you want t donate, you can do so here but this isn't so much about asking you to donate as sharing something with other people that makes my life a very happy one. I have written a lot about bike racing and my journey with diabetes and cycling and I think that it has bought me here, to the best possible road with the most beautiful views i can imagine. I can't wait to see where it goes next!