Saturday, 9 July 2016

CWD ffl 2016

I'm once again on a plane and blogging with my thumbs. This time I am in my way back from he children with diabetes conference in Orlando. It's one of my favourite events in diabetes, nothing makes me happier than the energy kids bring to these events. I love to share the things I have learned about diabetes with young people. I certainly wish I had such a positive environment to support me when I began my diabetes journey .

What CWD and the work we are doing on the reservation have in common is peer support and mentorship. As you can see on we believe that people need role models who look like them and who live like them. We learn better from people likened than we do from people who we can't relate to, and seeing someone like us achieve great things makes us believe we can do the same. For a young person with diabetes today, there are no barriers to anything they want to achieve; be that climbing Everest or recording a hit single. Where barriers do exist is in access to education and supplies. We want to work on bringing down the barriers between people and their better health through empowering them to be changemakers in their own community .

It was also really nice to be at the hub of the diabetes community and experience the feeling of safety and support that comes from understanding and acceptance of what diabetes is and what it isn't. Diabetes is something you have to manage, balance and acknowledge. But diabetes isn't an excuse and when you remove the blocks that we create in our own mind about doing things with diabetes we can move our horizons higher. For kids with diabetes , and adults with diabetes, these blockages can be mental or physical and the thing that we do and that CWD does is break those barriers down so people with diabetes can live healthier and happier lives .

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